The title of CPMG comprises three qualifications targeting the development of soft skills, IT skills, and theoretical knowledge of marketing management of the undergraduates of DMM. Soft skills are developed through the Diploma in Peoples Skills programme, Diploma in Enterprise Resources Planning is targeting at developing the IT skills, and the Bachelor Degree programmes are tailor-made to develop the subject-related knowledge of the graduates. T
he concept of CPMG was proposed with the main curriculum and accepted by the University Senate.  Verb outcome-based curriculum, two diplomas, and the concept of CPMG was officially introduced and launched on 15th August 2014 with the participation of the Vice-Chancellor of the University and the Dean of the faculty. For the purpose of awarding the CPGM title, a CPMG accreditation committee that includes both internal and corporate sector representatives (CPMG strategic partners) was formed in the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies and it was approved by the Senate University of Kelaniya.

Objectives of CPMG

  1. Development of undergraduate skills vis-à-vis to the industry requirements.
  2. Initiate a comprehensive soft skills and IT skills development plan leading to the accreditation of DMM graduates as CPMG in addition to the degree certification.
  3. Create a direct link between academia and industry-leading to guaranteed job opportunities for the graduates of DMM.
  4. Build brand equity that facilitates our graduates to effectively counter and compete with any existing professional marketing qualification.
  5. Enhancing the status of DMM in academia and the industry, as a pioneering institute in contributing to the betterment of its graduates.

CPMG Accreditation


CPMG Strategic Partners

CPMG Accreditation Committee is the official body that awards the CPMG title. This committee will endorse the CPMGs as technically competent marketing professionals who can make a positive impact on any organization.  They will appear in the ceremonial awarding ceremony of the CPMG title and they are the main evaluators of the CPMG title. 

CPMG Eligibility Criteria

In order to obtain the CPMG qualification, the candidate should meet the following eligibility criteria

  1. Obtain a minimum GPA of 3.00 within four academic years fulfilling the criteria for a Second Class (Lower Division) Honours or better in Bachelor of Business Management (Special) Degree in Marketing and,
  2. Obtain a minimum GPA of 2.00 fulfilling the criteria for a Pass or better in Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning and,
  3. Obtain a minimum GPA of 2.00 fulfilling the criteria for a Pass or better in Diploma in People Skills and,
  4. Passing the competitive evaluation procedure of the proposed CPMG Accreditation Committee nominated by the faculty board of Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies after passing the initial screening by the Department of Marketing Management.
Note: Candidates who are fulfilling the eligibility criteria 1, 2, and 3 above are eligible to apply for the CPMG title. DMM will do the initial screening of the applications and shortlisted applications will be forwarded to the CPMG Accreditation Committee described in criteria 4.


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