What is ERP? and Why?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning systems which is a generic name used for; “software  that is designed to support and automate the business processes” or “information systems those which aid in identifying and planning the enterprise wide resources needed to make, account for and deliver customer orders”) system penetration rate in Sri Lankan and Global businesses is very high and it is more than 70% at some conservative  estimates. Hence the majority of the businesses today operate using ERPs so the students  incapable of operating with such systems will find it tough to seamlessly integrate from  education programmes to employability.

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DMM has tied-up with SAP (which is the world market leader in ERP solutions), and has  become the only SAP University Alliance Partner (SAP-UAP) in Sri Lanka. Using the  resources of SAP-UAP, University of Kelaniya now offers a unique Diploma with the  insignias of University of Kelaniya and SAP-UAP. The DIP in ERP(DERP) contains a  number of salient features:

- SAP-UAP plug and play curriculum which is globally accepted and delivered by  more than 1000 renowned global universities delivered here in Sri Lanka

- Supported by Queensland University of Technology, Australia

- Real work environment simulated through GBI data set provided by SAP

- Learning via SAP on integrated business processes, broad based silo perspectives of  a business

- Provide rich understanding on how business functions integrate in creating value to  its customers

- Training provided with state of the art business intelligence(BI) tools, in creating competitive advantage via ERP systems to businesses

- Learning through simulated work environment facilities with latest ERP and BI  solutions

- Eminent teaching faculty with internal 'trained SAP trainers' and visiting 'practising  SAP trainers’

- Enhancing career prospects through a highly accepted Diploma with the joint  insignia of the University of Kelaniya and SAP-UAP.


Course units and teaching and learning methods

DERP is expected students to see how different subject disciplines work in integration at organizations, get hands-on experience through working in ERP environment, and to be a part of the global SAP alliance with numerous access to global businesses and universities, in unveiling the opportunities for true global employable mobility.

Furthermore, the DERP is structured to be aligned with the guidelines specified in the Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF). DMM will establish an advisory board representing the industry, so DERP can ensure to maintain its industry relevancy in to the future.

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