Bachelor of Business Management (Special) Degree in Marketing contains four levels (four years), and each level is modeled on a specific job role progressively leading to a 'strategist' (associate to analyst to a specialist to strategist). And in developing the content a 3D approach had been undertaken, where knowledge, skills, and attitudes were combined in creating a strategist who is competent, capable, and confident.

Further, the degree program is structured into eight learning pillars (Business Environment, Management, Accounting & Finance, Quantitative Aspects, Digital Marketing & IT, Branding & Communication, Consumer Behaviour & Research, Applied Marketing) cutting across each of the four levels of the degree programme, in building a consistent and gradual elevation of teaching, learning, and assessment. The learning outcomes propagated via the eight learning pillars develop

  • A fundamental understanding of marketing management and to be extensively competent in 'Branding & Communication', 'Consumer Behavior & Research', and 'Applied Marketing'
  • Accounting and Finance' related skills in strengthening financial intelligence
  • Quantitative' shrewdness in developing strategies
  • The 'Tech-savviness' in business and decision making
  • The ability to associate 'Local and Global Business Environment' in becoming a strategist
  • Sound knowledge of 'Modern Management Practices' in developing and executing strategies

Graduate Programmes

The  Department of  Marketing  Management  (DMM)  is one of the premier departments affiliated with the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. It is the only SAP University Alliance partner in Sri Lanka and the only ISO 9001:2015 quality cerfied business management department in the country.

DMM strives to create a 'strategist,' who is competent, capable, and confident in driving people and businesses to greater heights,” via the below six standards affixed together:

eaching Standards – internationally accredited teaching content

ocus Skills – focused on soft skills leading to employability.
 Professional Development – via blended teaching, learning, and assessment

 Outward Insights – industry-triggered teaching and learning.

 Hands-on Marketing – making students employable through simulation programs, event organizing, praccal training, execuve series, and etc.

 Blended Faculty – a faculty that comprises of various disciplines, boosted by doctoral holders & professionals with industry and internaonal exposure.


A Unique Degree

B.B.Mgt. (Honors) in Marketing & B.B.Mgt. (Honors) Digital Marketing

  • Level specific direction set via graduate profiles or  level descriptors, setting the exact expectations on  knowledge, skills, and attitude
  • Unambiguous development of learning through eight  domains of learning pillars
  • Learning elevated gradually from factual to conceptual to procedural to metacognitive
  • Learning outcomes based on action biasness ranging  from remembering to comprehension to application to  analysis to evaluation to synthesis
  • Innovative teaching and learning via buzz groups,  crossovers, industry visits, workshops, simulation,  online forums, white papers etc
  • On-demand learning via podcasts, vodcasts, and LMS  activities
  • Teaching, learning, and assessment based on action verbs with clear definitions.

DMM Quality Accreditation

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