"Crafting Strategists"

The sine qua non of our marketing graduates is to become the future strategists who are multi-skilled and can be localized in the modern global arena. In pursuing of above we at Department of Marketing Management had been very bold and enterprising throughout time.

The Department of Marketing Management was initially formed as a unit under the Department of Commerce & Financial Management in 1998 and was given the full Departmental status in 2005. The Department of Marketing Management offers the Bachelor of Business Management (Special) Degree in Marketing for its undergraduates and the number of student population has been increasing over the years. Currently the department is catering around 400 undergraduates through 14 full-time well qualified and experienced academic staff and a visiting faculty comprising both academia and industry professional.

The focus of the Department of Marketing Management is to create a complete learning environment where students can develop and experience academic, social, and personal success. The faculty with its students strives to realize the vision of the department which is, "to steer towards a local and national destination of excellence in the Marketing Management discipline both at local and global level”. The mission of the Department of Marketing Management is, "to foster effective teaching, learning environment and enhancing research abilities   among   its  students   to   become   intellectually, critically   and professionally confident graduates who can take challenges in the competitive environment”.

Our Philosphy

Hands on Marketing
Blended Faculty
Focus Skills
Teaching Standards
Outward Insights
Professional Development

Our Degree Equipped With

Knowledge which is not content but context driven making students competent, where they  are  groomed  through  a  gradual  elevation  of knowledge  and  action.

Skills which are not subject specific but generic such as communication, learning, strategy execution, condence, collaboration, leadership and innovation developed, leading to highly capable individuals.

Attitudes to work hard & win and not solicit, with three programmes (two diplomas parallel to their bachelor's degree programme) undertaken, CPMGs are arguably the most hardworking graduates groomed to be accustomed to industry needs, instilling confidence.

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