CSR Practices in the Maldives: A Post-Baseline Study

CSR Practices in the Maldives: A Post-Baseline Study 

Mohamed Abdulla

National Institute of Education -Maldives

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A baseline study on CSR was conducted in the Maldives in 2010 to understand the level of CSR engagement among the business community and non-corporate stakeholders of CSR promotion in the Maldives and develop recommendations for a CSR policy framework for the Maldives. The study revealed that CSR was understood in the Maldives in its surface-level only. Philanthropic activities were the main CSR consideration and were not widely practiced. Only large public limited companies and the resorts maintain some mainstream CSR practices. This report highlights the progress made in CSR in the decade that followed the baseline study. The report was written based on the analysis of a three recent sustainability reports of the Maldivian resorts. A remarkable progress on ethical dimension and minimal progress on the philanthropic dimension were evident.   

Keywords: CSR, Document Analysis, Maldives, Post-Baseline Study, Tourism Sector\

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