Socialization of Consumers: A Phenomenological Review

Prof. E.G.Ubayachandra

Senior Professor, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

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Nirmani Chethana Eldeniya

Undergraduate, NSBM Green University, Sri Lanka

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In the field of marketing, the object, socialization of consumers subjected to the discussion made in this concept paper bears a timely significance due to the fact that now the time has come to make a commentary on the contradicting behavior of today’s certain dynamic, complex and in certain cases irrational and impulsive individuals dealing in the arena of market. Having made a rigorous search of respective literature, the authors intended to select some more important conceptual implications given in respect of considering phenomenon. Therefore, this attempt may look like crossing certain respective scholars’ threshold. Though some say existing studies relevant to socialization of consumers have focused on traditional antecedents and parties of the socialization, since those interpretations have somewhat valid nature in making a rigorous review of consumer decision making role, the review made here was extended to each indication of accepted studies.  In introducing holistic and comprehensive perspectives relevant to considering phenomenon, one can base the implications given by prevailing body of knowledge as a corner stone. Based on this view, this paper was outlined to allege meaning of the socialization of consumers, fundamentals of socialization theory, different definitions relevant to socialization of consumers, deviant and compulsive consumer behavior, antecedents of socialization of consumers and different parties of consumer socialization etc. It was found here that social media, mass media, families and peer groups have become key platforms in getting consumers socialized. Furthermore, it was identified that demographics, personality traits and structural variables also play a vital role in socializing consumers. Of them a dominant influence is made by personality traits here.


Keywords: Aberrant, Antecedents, Compulsive, Deviant, Socialization


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