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Digital Outlook Sri Lanka 2022 Annual Market Insight Report

Get access to the latest research data and insights on the digital media behaviour of Sri Lankan consumers covering the overall digital footprint in Sri Lanka that enables you to set your business strategies for the year 2022. This is a collaborative project between the Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing - APIDM & the Department of Marketing Management, University of Kelaniya - Sri Lanka. With the global digital transformation, significant shifts have occurred in consumer behavior around the world. The pandemic has immensely changed consumer behaviour and, these new behavioural trends are more likely to stay forever. Businesses have started integrating digital technologies into all areas of their business operations to ensure that their value delivery process meets the newest needs of their customers. Digital Outlook Sri Lanka 2022 – The Annual Marketing Insight Report provides a wealth of the latest research data, insights, and information that is vital for Sri Lankan marketing professionals to understand the current digital landscape that enables them to make more informed decisions when planning marketing campaigns and strategies.

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