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A graduate passing out with the Bachelor of Business Management (Special) Degree in Human Resource from the Department of Human Resource Management (HRM) is able to: 
  1. apply fundamental concepts and principles of HRM to solve business problems with a novel and innovative pattern of thinking.
  2. undertake research, analyze data, and interpret research findings and produce new knowledge in the field of HRM.
  3. develop appropriate policies, procedures, programmes, and rules to streamline HR processes in public and private sector organizations, and thereby solve traditional and non-traditional issues and problems in the HRM field.
  4. network and build collaborative relationships with individuals and groups to work amicably.
  5. lead, follow and take responsibility for one’s actions and decisions by being a leader and a team player whenever appropriate.
  6. be flexible and adaptable to different types of employment (public and private sectors, self-employment, entrepreneurship, local, and international).
  7. respond swiftly and intelligently during times of change to new experiences and challenges, with greater respect for professional values.
  8. respect diverse cultures and values and have high regard for human rights, equity, and ethics.
  9. demonstrate intellectual autonomy through the independence of thought, openness to ideas and information, and a capacity to manage their own careers both for personal and professional development.
  10. focus on continued, self-directed, independent learning in a range of ways, including the thorough application of modern technologies.


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