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Welcome to the Department of Human Resource Management at University of Kelaniya. Here you will find information on the department’s undergraduate and graduate programs, course offerings, faculty research interests, facilities and departmental events.
The Department of Human Resource Management is the national arm that has pioneered HRM education in Sri Lanka with notable landmarks since its inception in 1995. Some of these landmarks are introducing the Bachelor of Business Management (Human Resource Management) degree in 1995; initiating the nation’s first postgraduate diploma in HRM and Master of Human Resource Management degree programmes in 2005 and 2010 respectively. Further, the department has contributed to the development of the HRM profession by offering a Bachelor of Business Management, General (External) Degree Programme for external students which commenced in 1999, and a Higher Diploma in HRM established in 2015. The department also launched the first HRM journal in 2004, while providing leadership for many innovative events. Further, the Department enrolls students to pursue PhD degrees under the supervision of senior academics of the department.


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Community Projects by 2nd Year Undergraduates of the Department

Six (06) community-based projects were undertaken by the 2nd year undergraduates of the Department of Human Resource Management, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, from March to June 2022. These projects were conducted as a part of the curriculum of the subject BHRM 21242 – Managerial Skills Development under the guidance of Dr. Prabhashini Wijewantha, Senior Lecturer, Department of HRM, and Ms. G. Rushna Preena, Lecturer, Department of HRM. This subject is offered in Level 02 Semester 01 of the Bachelor of Business Management (Honors) in Human Resource. Accordingly, students conducted these projects in line with the targets of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 04 – Quality Education. These projects largely contributed to developing the skills of the youth, which is a focus of SDG 04.
Through these projects, the students improved their communication skills, leadership, self-motivation, handling stress and pressure, decision making, planning, organizing, crisis management, altruism, public speaking, and most importantly, resilience. The students well embraced this opportunity to serve the community while developing themselves. At the same time, the undergraduates could contribute to enabling the students at rural Sri Lankan schools to gain a quality education.
The whole batch participated in these projects by working in six groups of 24 members each and raised funds through different initiatives by themselves. A brief description of each project is as follows.  
Project ‘Paruwa’ – @ Galkanda Vidyalaya, Balangoda, Rathnapura
The project included the following activities.
Activity 01 - Renovation of the school and providing the facilities the school was in short of, such as a computer, a notice board, whiteboards, a cupboard, sports equipment, library books, and special edition books for the grade five students.
Activity 02 - All the students at the school were gifted with writing books, stationery items, water bottles, lunch boxes, and printed cloth bags. In addition, 10 under privileged students were gifted with special gift parcels.
Activity 03 – Above donations were made during an event that allowed primary school children to showcase their skills.
Project 'Pintharu' - @ Bandarawela
The project was executed in three phases.
Phase 01 - A leadership development program conducted for the newly appointed batch of prefects of Dharmapala Maha Vidyalaya, Bandarawela
Phase 02 – Creating a library and donating books for the children of Sirisangabo
Children's Home, Bandarawela
Phase 03 – Donation of essential study material (books and stationery) for the primary section of Kalupahana Maha Vidyalaya, Bandarawela
Project 'Danuma'- @Kandapola Primary School – Rakwana, Godakawela, Rathnapura
The project included the following activities.
Activity 01 – Donation of school stationery, school bags, school shoes, sports uniforms, sports equipment, library books to the school library, and other administrative stationary. In addition, 'Target Question Books' and 'Dalisa Books' were donated for Grade 4 & 5 children preparing for the Grade 05 scholarship exam.
Activity 02 - An English language program to enhance the English language competencies of the students and a valuable motivation program to help them face future challenges were also organized for school children and their parents.
The project team arranged breakfast and other refreshments for the entire school.
Project 'Sneha Dhara' @ Godamunna Junior School, Kandy
The project included the following activities.
Activity 01 –Main Hall of the school, where all the students from Grade 6 to 11 carry out their studies, was painted and renovated
Activity 02 - Books and a cupboard were donated to the school library
Activity 03 - An English workshop was conducted for students from Grades 6 to 11
Activity 04 - Fun activities were organized for the students of the primary section
The project team provided refreshments for the whole school.
Project ‘Sip Sayura’ - @Weera Colonel Niyomal Palipana Vidyalaya, Muruthawa, Ibbagamuwa, Kurunegala
The project consisted of two phases.
Phase 01 - A Mathematics seminar was conducted for the Grade 11 students of Weera Colonel Niyomal Palipana Vidyalaya, Mukalanaya Thaksala Vidyalaya, and Halawa Kanishta Vidyalaya. Refreshments were provided for the participants.
Phase 02 - A set of exercise books and other school stationery were distributed to all the students of Niyomal Vidyalaya as per their requirements.
Project ‘Nana Pahasata Diya Dothak’ - @Atanikitha Vidyalaya, Thiththagalla, Galle
An old classroom of the school was renovated and developed as a library by painting the room, polishing the floor, drawing artwork on walls, and arranging all other necessities to transform it into a library. Further library books were also donated under the project.

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