Head's Message

Professor. Dilrukshi Yapa Abeywardhana (PhD,UK)

Department of Accountancy,
Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies,
University of Kelaniya.

Welcome to the Department of Accountancy, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya. The department remains one of the main departments providing the nation with professionally qualified graduates. As the Head of the Department, it gives me great pleasure in endorsing the department’s reputation for producing world-class practitioners, administrators, and researchers. Over the years, the importance of paying attention not only to what is taught, but to how it is taught has become a benchmark in the delivery of our programmes.

It is with much pleasure that I welcome you to the official website of the Department of Accountancy, one of the most reputed Departments in the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya in terms of the number of courses offered, the number of students enrolled, and the academic staff affiliated with Department. The Department offers two-degree programmes, namely Bachelor of Business Management (Honors) in Accountancy and Bachelor of Business Management (Honors) in Auditing and Forensic Accounting. Further Department is planning to offer the Bachelor of Business Management (Honors) in Accounting Information Systems from next year onwards.

Bachelor of Business Management (Honors) in Accountancy degree is regarded as the most reputed degree program in the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies. This degree programme is offered through the Department of Accountancy and continues to be one of the most preferred choice among university entrants from the Commerce stream at the Advanced Level Examination. Since competence in Accounting and Finance is considered as a vital requirement for a career in business, the Department puts every effort to provide subject-specific knowledge, accounting & finance-based internship training, Information Technology skills and soft skills development activities in Accounting and Finance coupled with avenues for professional development. The primary aim of the Department is to produce highly competent graduates in Accounting with a holistic education with technical and behavioral dimensions, who would be a blessing to our society in these complex and competitive times.

We welcome industry partners for long-term research collaborations in Accounting, Finance, Auditing and Forensic Accounting and other related Management fields in the hope of solving their industrial problems in a consistent way, which is key for them to maintain sustainability and competitiveness in the long-term. For our talented students, the Department provides a challenging opportunity of getting exposed to real world problems of varying complexity, while also providing the necessary conducive environment, academic guidance, and technology support to help devise appropriate solutions by themselves for the benefit of humanity. We also encourage and empower our students, those who have the vision, self-motivation, and courage to create their own career based on what they learn and develop within their stay in the department.

“The department believes that education is our best hope for the future”.

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 Department of Accountancy,

Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies,

University of Kelaniya,

Kelaniya 11600,

 Sri Lanka.

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