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The Department of Accountancy (DoA) is one of the five departments in the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya. At present, it conducts the Bachelor of Business Management (Special) Accountancy degree programme. The vision of the department is to make the Accountancy programme, the first choice among the students and stakeholders. The mission of the department is to advance Accountancy education through Bachelor of Business Management (Special) Accountancy degree which provides outstanding Accounting and management education for students, create and disseminate knowledge, promote the understanding and ethical practice of Accountancy profession and serve the community.

DoA is committed to pursue excellence in research, teaching and consultancy services. The greatest strength of the department is its faculty which consists of academic and professional qualified in diverse management disciplines such as Accounting, Finance and Management fields. They are able to blend the theoretical knowledge with the practical exposure which will enhance the efficiency of teaching methodologies. DoA always designs its degree programmes to meet the changing demands of the public and private sector.

DoA was able to win a competitive grant, worth Rs.100 million from the World Bank under the project on Improving Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education  (IRQUE) in the year 2005.

The said project has been successfully completed by disbursing total monitory allocations. It is worthy to note that doctoral degree grant recipients returned to the DoA after completing their Ph.Ds related to small business and entrepreneurship. Their research findings are highly relevant to solve current economic problems in Sri Lanka, specially nurturing the small business sector and entrepreneurship development.

DoA has 28 high-caliber staffs whom are involved in teaching and academic research. There are two professors, 10 Ph.D. holders while another 05 are reading for their Ph.Ds.  Composition of the academic staff is 02 professors, 17 senior lecturers, 2 lecturers, 5 probationary lecturers and 2 assistant lecturers.

The strengths of the research conducted at DoA are its multidisciplinary in nature. The DoA supports the participation of its researchers at scientific conferences, as this provides them with access to prestigious publication outlets


Availability of technical and support staff

DoA has one technical officer and one general clerk. Apart from that all staff members equipped with technical knowledge of pursuing Accounting, statistical and econometrics analysis by using updated version of MYOB, SAGE, SPSS, Eviews. In the teaching process, practical sessions are embedded into the curriculum in order to give   practical exposure to students in order to disseminate knowledge related to commercial applications.

Physical resources

The DoA is equipped with a learning resource center, meeting rooms, lecture theatres, computer lab. The Departmental library has an up-to-date collection books, publications, and reports etc. on recent topics. Besides the main University Computing Center, the DoA also provides computing facilities for students. Students are provided transport facilities to reach training destination and back to the evening lectures on time. Beneficiaries of the motor coach has not been limited to accountancy department but has been spread over the whole university.

Self-Evaluation Report (SER) – 2019
Following the guidelines stipulated in the manual for review of undergraduate programmes of Sri Lankan universities and higher education institutes prepared by the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) of the University Grants Commission (UGC) the Department of Accountancy (DoA) submmited the SER. DoA formally appointed Dr. D.K.Y. Abeywardhana as the Coordinator and SER writing team to write the SER for evaluation. The writing tasks have been satisfactorily divided among the writers under the guidance of Head of  the Department.

Review was conducted by a panel of reviewers appointed by the UGC. Panel members were Prof. (Mrs) C.S.De Silva (Chairperson, The Open University of Sri Lanka), Prof. B. Nimalathasan (University of Jaffna) and Dr. W.G.S.Kelum (University of Sri Jayewardenapura). The review was conducted in the Department of Accountancy of University of Kelaniya from 25th to 28th September 2018.

DoA  is among the founder departments of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, was able to secure the highest marks in the faculty obtaining 89 marks for the SER. The department members such as, Dr. WVAD, Karunarathne (Former head), Dr. U. L. T. P. Gunasekara, Dr. M.W. Madurapperuma, Dr. M.A.T.K. Munasinghe,  Dr. A.M.I. Lakshan, Mr. C.R. Thilakarathne, Dr. W.M.H.N. Wijekoon, Ms. K.D.G.N.Wijesinghe, Mr. Prabath Perera, Ms. Dilini Aruppala, Mr. Pubudu Kaushalya, Ms. K.H. Perera, Mr. Malintha Rangana, Mr. Lalitha Silva, Ms. Kaushalya Silva, Ms. Navini Perera contributed to prove the writing tasks with the actual scenario and admiring their dedication  to  achieve this success under the present head of Dr. K.K.Tilakasiri. As well, admiring the Professors of the department, JMD Ariyarathne and PMC Thilakarathne, their fullest contribution to participating and exchanging ideas with the review panel.

Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) Project
Department of Accountancy won the competitive grant worth LKR 15 million on Enriching Learning, Teaching, Assessment and English Language Skills Enhancement (ELTA-ELSE) Development Projects (DPs) for Departments in 2019, a vitally important component of Results Area Two: ‘Improve the quality of higher education of Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) project. We scored highest marks of Round One of the ELTA-ELSE Department/Unit DPs for Tier One. Accordingly we have proposed following five activities to achieve project objectives.
  1. Improving the effectiveness of curriculum and teaching, learning and assessment methods.
  2. Improving English Language skills of undergraduates
  3. Digitizing teaching and learning process
  4. Implementation and formalization of extracurricular activities of Social and Inter Cultural Harmony.
  5. Creating a research culture among student community, student innovation & commercialization.
In addressing the global trend towards promoting the integration of academic excellence and enhanced socio-emotional skills among university students, this project intends to prepare the undergraduates for the world of work, and for wider social and civic life upon graduation.
Being the trend setter, DoA always identifies the requirements of the country and takes steps to enhance the quality of the education. This project is another outstanding result of the commitment and collaboration of the academic staff including Head of the Department Dr. Kamal Thilakasiri
The project is headed by Dr. U.L.T.P.Gunasekare, (Senior Lecturer), as the project coordinator and Mr Mudith Sujeewa, (Senior Lecturer) and Mrs Dilini Aruppala, (Senior Lecturer) as the activity coordinators.

Events Conducted by Department of Accountancy in 2021

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