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Faculty Awards for Outstanding Students


In order to recognize and reward highly motivated students who show outstanding abilities in both the academic sphere and in extracurricular activities, the Faculty of Commerce and management Studies (FCMS), University of Kelaniya will offer the following two types of awards for recognition of outstanding students in the Bachelor of Business Management honors degree programmes.
  1. Dean’s List
  2. Faculty Awards
Students will be named to The Dean’s List purely on the basis of academic achievements, while the Faculty Awards will be made on consideration of both academic and extra-curricular achievements.
  • All students named to The Dean’s List, or granted a Faculty Award will be presented with a certificate signed by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • The academic transcript issued on graduation shall carry a record of the award.
  • Recipients will be given the opportunity to serve as Student Ambassadors who will extend support for Quality Assurance activities in the Faculty, and to represent the University at national / international events, when requested by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • You can apply for the Faculty Awards using the applications
  • Students need to submit certified copies of all the documentary evidence in support of the application.
  • Students have to get their faculty advisor/ mentors (members of the academic staff) to sign the contents of the applications (e signature is accepted)
  • Students applying for Faculty Awards shall be required to participate in an interview conducted by the Selection Committee
At the end of each academic year, students registered to follow the Bachelor of Business Management honors degree programmes, who fulfill the following criteria, will be automatically named to the Dean’s List.
  1. Completed all the academic requirements for the year under consideration, including all compulsory courses and accumulated a minimum of 30 credits OR total credits offered in the respective year; and
  2. Obtained grades of C or better for all course units registered in the academic year under consideration; and
  3. Obtained grades of A or better in course units aggregating to at least half the number of total credits considered under (b) above; and
  4. Obtained a GPA of 3.70 or better, for all course units registered in the academic year under consideration.
  1. Any student who obtains an improved grade(s) by repeating a course unit(s) shall not be eligible to be named to the Dean’s List or for Faculty Awards
  2. Any student against whom disciplinary action has been taken by the Vice-Chancellor or Deputy Vice-Chancellor, for any form of misconduct shall not be eligible to be named to the Dean’s List or Faculty Awards.

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