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National Icon of HRM Tertiary Education in Sri Lanka

Department of Human Resource Management
Dr. M.P.N. Janadari
The Head
Department of Human Resource Management

Welcome to the HRM Family

In an era of emphasizing the human factor most importantly in the institutional sector, developing human resource graduates with a 360-degree outstanding level is unanimously essential more than ever before. The HR family affiliated to the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya has been dedicating to materialize its vision, is the best branded HRM solutions provider in Sri Lanka since 1995. Its current degree program of Bachelor of Business Management (Special) Degree in Human Resources has been articulated to develop outstanding HR leaders to guide future Sri Lankan labor force spreading out various industries, sectors, and institutions. Not only the bachelor’s degree but also the learning portfolio of the department comprises four study programs namely, bachelor’s degree initiated in 1995, Postgraduate Diploma Leading to Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) initiated in 2005, Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) and Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management (HDHRM) initiated in 2015.

Another bachelor’s degree program is intended to initiate in the foreseeable future. As the national arm pioneered in HRM education in Sri Lanka with notable landmarks, it was embarked on the first HRM journal in the nation in 2004. Our dream is to shape our future as the true HR value provider in terms of research, education, and consultancies while defining our audience in an innovative way encompassing all relevant stakeholders covering both private and public institutions. Thus, we promise to deliver to be the best choice of industries’ demand for HRM graduates; the nation’s first choice for HRM postgraduate studies; and the cost-effective HR solution provider for organizations. We value our dynamic talents, performing culture, and academic leadership as the competitive strengths in the realization of its mission. 


"To be the best branded HRM Solution Providers in Sri Lanka"


"Becoming nature's choice for HRM research, consultancies and industry's first choice for HRM graduates and professionals' best choice for HRM/HRD postgraduate students"

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ප්‍රථම වසර නවක විද්‍යාර්ථයින් සඳහා සංවිධානය කල විශේෂ කාව්‍යමය ධර්ම දේශනාව
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Department of Human Resource Management partners with Sri Lanka Police
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Second-year undergraduates are accompanied to Avissawella Tea Factory for practical exposure in counseling.
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Outbound Training Program for Third Year Undegraduates

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