Our Curriculum

Bachelor of Business Management Special Degree in Human Resource Management

Year 1
Semester Course Code Course Unit Status
Semester I BHRM 11213 Principles of Management Compulsory
  BHRM 11223 Mathematics for Business Compulsory
  BHRM 11233 Business Law Compulsory
  BHRM 11242 Information Technology Compulsory
  BHRM 11254 Business Economics Compulsory
Semester 2 BHRM 12214 Introductory Human Resource Management Compulsory
  BHRM 12223 Business Accounting Compulsory
  BHRM 12232 Principles of Sociology Compulsory
  BHRM 12242 Principles of Psychology Compulsory
  BHRM 12254 Business Statistics Compulsory
  *DELT 13274 English for Business Communication Compulsory

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