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The Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC) of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies (FCMS) is established to create a culture that seeks to continually improve the quality of all academic activities and other activities in the FCMS.



The functions of the FQAC shall be to:

  1. Promote quality enhancement activities within the FCMS.
  2. Liaise with the Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU) of the University in facilitating the conduct of Institutional Review and Programme Review (PR).
  3. Prepare self-evaluation report for PR.
  4. Guide departments in the FCMS in preparation of self-evaluation reports for programme and subject reviews.
  5. Facilitate implementation of follow-up actions recommended in subject, programme or institutional review reports, and monitor progress in their implementation.
  6. Liaise with quality assurance units in other higher educational institutions, to share good practices and enhance the quality of higher education in Sri Lanka.
  7. Develop policy standards for the activities of the faculty.


Organizational Structure

Quality Assurance (QA) activities at Faculty level shall be managed by Faculty committee established and the FQAC shall be headed by the Dean and the FQAC shall be managed by a Management Committee (MC) which comprise of,

  1. The Dean of the Faculty
  2. The Head of each Department in the Faculty
    1. The cadre Chair Professors in each Department in the Faculty
    2. Three other members nominated by the Dean from among the senior academic staff of the Faculty
    3. Administrative Officer (SAR or AR)


    Invitees to the Committee Meetings

    Director - Center for Management Research

    Coordinator – Faculty Corporate Plan Committee

    Coordinator - Faculty Staff Development Center

    Coordinator – Faculty Examination Unit

    Department Quality Assurance Coordinators

    Faculty Special Project Coordinators

    Two external members



    The Management Committee shall meet at least six times for each calendar year. Quorum shall be 50% of the membership


    Terms of office

    The Administrative Officer (SAR or AR) assigned to the Faculty shall serve as the Secretary to the FQAC. Terms of office for appointed members of this committee will be three (03) years.


    Responsibilities and Duties of the Coordinator of the FQAC

    1. Communicate with the Director IQAU to coordinate Faculty level QA activities
    2. Represent the Faculty in all QA related activities and organize faculty QA meetings
    3. Recommend name of members to the Dean to be appoint as department coordinators or members for each criterion in the QA Manual of the UGC
    4. Guide department coordinators to prepare the Self Evaluation Report (SER)
    5. Liaise with professional quality assurance and accreditation bodies on matters pertaining to QA and accreditation if required
    6. Monitor the collection and analysis of Faculty level QA data such as student feedback forms and peer review forms
    7. Answer and address issues relate to QA raised by faculty members in general and by the department coordinators in particular
    8. Work with other related committees and units within the faculty on matters related to QA
    9. Report the activities of the FQAC to the Faculty Board and IQAU regularly
    10. Represent the Faculty at the IQAU and report the progress of FQAC


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