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Center for Management Research (CMR)

A nation’s overall capacity depends considerably on its research. Creation and dissemination of knowledge through research has long been recognized as an essential requirement for a country’s economic health and living standard. Research, not only helps to solve practical problems, but also brings the material improvements via novel and improved products and services. Further it provides insights and new ideas that enrich human understanding of various social, economic and cultural phenomena.
Universities, as centers of knowledge production and transmission, play a critical role in the national research and human capital generating process.  The Centre for Management Research promotes and facilitates the development of new research initiatives of faculty staff members to have a flourishing teaching competence and it nurtures the profile and the reputation of Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies.
Moreover, the Centre establishes a strong collaboration in between Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies and the industry stakeholders in terms of research, which provides an active contribution for the economic development of the country.

Accordingly, the Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies established the Centre for Management research in 2012 in order to achieve the following main objectives.



Objectives of the CMR

The over-riding objective of the Centre for Management Research is to educate, conduct, support and disseminate research that contributes to advancing business economy in Sri Lanka. In doing so, the Centre will position itself at the forefront of management research in the country. The sub objectives of the Centre are:

  • To conduct rigorous research and produce quality research outputs in management and associated subject areas.
  • To assist undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop research capability.
  • To enhance research skills of members of the Faculty.
  • To conduct conferences, seminars, workshops to proliferate management education and research.
  • To undertake collaborative research with other national and international research groupings.
  • To develop research partnerships with industry and trade associations of the country.
  • To obtain internal and external funding to undertake the work of the Centre.


Past Directors


Name Tenure
Mr. W.A. Jayarathne,
Department of Marketing Management

Dr. U.L.T.P Gunasekera,
Department of Accountancy

Dr. D.K.Y. Abeywardena,
Department of Accountancy

Dr. G.W.J.S Fernando,
Department of Commerce and Financial Management

Dr. R.A.I.C. Karunarathne,
Department of Human Resource Management
From 2020



Dr. R. A. I. C. Karunarathne

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)

B.B.Mgt. (HRM) (Kel’ya), M.Sc. (Mgt.) (Sri J'pura), Ph.D (Georg August-Germany), CMA (PII), Dip. (Psychology), Ad. Dip. in Acc. & Bus. (ACCA,UK), ACPM


Upcoming Events

STATA Workshop-Series 2 

Session 1 -Introduction to Stata
   22nd Monday, March 2021 from 9.00am-12.00noon

Session 2- Descriptive Statistics
   22nd Monday, March, 2021 from 1.00pm- 4.00pm

Session 3-ANOVA and Other Comparison Methods 
   23rd Tuesday, March 2021 from 9.00am-12.00noon

Session 4- Regression Analysis - Part 01 
   23rd Tuesday, March, 2021 from 1.00pm- 4.00pm

Session 5- Regression Analysis - Part 02 
   24th Wednesday, March 2021 from 1.00pm- 4.00 pm


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