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At FCMS, students will have numerous opportunities to discover their full potential and to carve out a fabulous career for themselves


As an undergraduate at FCMS you’ll be encouraged to be curious – to shift your thinking into new realms of possibility. And you’ll experience unique learning opportunities that will help you achieve your ambitions – no matter how sky high. Because of our distinctive approach to learning and teaching, by the time you graduate you’ll have valuable connections to help further your life and career goals. Our distinctive departments give you a chance to choose your career path in an area that interests you – be it accounting, finance, commerce and financial management, marketing, or human resources management; and get more hands-on experience through internships with some Sri Lankan and multinational best companies.

Degree Programme

Offered by

Bachelor  of Commerce (Special) Degree

Department of Commerce & Financial Management

Bachelor  of Commerce (Special) Degree in Business Technology  

Bachelor  of Commerce (Special) Degree in Entrepreneurship

Bachelor  of Commerce (Special) Degree in Financial  Management

Bachelor  of Commerce (Special)  Degree External

Bachelor  of Business Management (Special) Degree in Accountancy

Department of Accountancy

Bachelor  of Business Management  Honours in Auditing and Forensic Accounting

Bachelor  of Business Management (Special) Degree in Finance 

Department of Finance

Bachelor  of Business Management Honours in Financial Engineering

Bachelor  of Business Management Honours in Insurance

Bachelor  of Business Management Honours in Banking

Bachelor  of Business Management (Special) Degree in Human Resource Management

Department of Human Resource Management

Bachelor  of Business Management (General) Degree External 

Bachelor  of Business Management (Special) Degree in Marketing 

 Department of Marketing Management


Your path to a brighter future should be as distinctive as you are. At FCMS you can tailor coursework and research programs to forge a new path. Whether you want to shift into a higher career gear or you’re simply interested in expanding your horizons, FCMS can deliver your ideal postgraduate experience. The FCMS offers the first ever Doctor of Business Administration programme (DBA) by a national university in Sri Lanka, which is a ‘professional doctorate’ with a focus on business practice with the deep understanding of related theoretical underpinnings.


Our diploma programs will help prepare you for success as you progress towards your bachelor degree offered by diverse departments at FCMS. We create specialists in technical fields by providing Diploma and Higher Diploma Programmes for advanced level school leavers and the employees who are in business management fields to transfer knowledge and specialized skills to others and demonstrate understanding of knowledge.


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