Undergraduate Courses

The Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree of the University of Kelaniya has a history of more than 30 years. It is the first Commerce and Management related degree offered by the University of Kelaniya, and has significantly contributed to the national development by producing graduates who are holding various positions in the public sector as well as in the private sector.

The former Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree was a more general form of study program. Therefore, taking the regional, national and global requirements into consideration, the Department of Commerce and Financial Management (DCFM) introduced three areas of specializations in addition to the existing Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree since 2009. Therefore the Department offers totally four specialization degree programs.Those are as follows.

  • The Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree
  • The Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree in Entrepreneurship
  • The Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree in Business Technology
  • The Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree in Financial Management
The salient feature of the revised curricular was that first two years of all programs consist of common course units and in the last two years students have the opportunity to study under the selected specialization area. 
Selection of the Course Units 
After the completion of level 2, students must select one of the above streams and study only the course units that are offered by the respective streams represented under the course codes of BCOM/ COMC/ COME/ COMT/ COMF respectively. 
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