Heads of the Department

The Department of Accountancy can be justly proud of its lineage of Heads of Departments. Without exception, every one of them contributed to the well-being and growth of the Department. Their areas of specialization and competence were different and hence during their tenures different facets of development took place adding up to what we are today. The Department of Accountancy was privileged to receive the service of the following Heads of Department.

Professor Ariyarathna Jayamaha
(Service Period : June 1999 - January 2002)
B.Com.(Kel’ya), M.Com. (Kel’ya), Ph.D (USQ), FCA
Professor in Accounting
Dean - Faculty of Graduate Studies
Professor P.M.C. Thilakarathna
(Service Period : January 2002 – February 2008 and February 2012 – August 2012)
B.Com. (Kel’ya) , M.Com. (Panjab), Ph.D. (Aegean)
Senior Lecturer (Grade I) in Finance
Director - Centre for Distance and Continuing Education
Professor. R.P.C. Ranjani
(Service Period : February 2008 – August 2009)
B.Com (Kel’ya), M.Com ( Panjab), PhD ( Panjab)
Ms. U. L. T. P. Gunasekara
(Service Period : August 2009 – February 2012)
B.Sc. Bus. Ad. (Sri J’pura), MBA (C’bo),Reading for Ph.D
Senior Lecturer (Grade I) in Management
Dr. M. W. Madurapperuma
(Service Period : August 2012 – August 2015)
BA.(Econ)(C’bo),M.A. (Econ)(C’bo),M.Com(Kel’ya),Ph.D. (UK)
Senior Lecturer (Grade I) in Economics
Dr. W. V. A. D. Karunarathna
(Service Period : August 2015 - August 2018)
B.B. Mg . (Acc) (Kel’ya), PGD in Bus. Stat (Sri J’pura), M.Com (Kel’ya), Ph.D (CCNU), MAAT
Senior Lecturer (Grade I) in Accounting and Finance
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