Welcome to the Internship in Department of Accountancy (IDeA)

The Department of Accountancy (DoA), University of Kelaniya is a premier department in national university system which produces competent graduates for the global market. In achieving this objective, the department has introduced the Internship in Accounting to the degree programs. An internship is a learning process in a business environment providing opportunities for an undergraduate to apply theoretical classroom learning into world of work.

From the inception, the Internship in Accounting has been achieved a tremendous development throughout the period of 13 Years. The Internship in Accounting in the Department of Accountancy is on par with the international standards of internships which focus on skill and competency based leaning. The Internship in Accounting of the Department of Accountancy is therefore embraces all the areas of practical knowledge that a professional accountant should be equipped. It is therefore the responsibility of both the department and the student to follow up an effective program of practical training to achieve professional and technical competency.




IDeA Night - The Internship Felicitation Ceremony


The Department of Accountancy (DoA), University of Kelaniya organized the Internship Felicitation Ceremony: IDeA Night 2018 on 28th February 2018 at Grand Ballroom of Hotel Galadari, Colombo for 19th consecutive year.....