Course Structure

Higher Diploma in Business Accounting (HDip(BAcc)) structure consists of 4 semesters. Under the Qualifications and Credit Framework, HDip(BAcc) has two specific pathways as shown in the figure below.  The first stage of the qualification can be considered as Diploma in Business Accounting (Dip(BAcc)) for which student has to earn a minimum of 30 credits.  However, a student can work straight through to earn the higher Diploma in Business Accounting by acquiring a total minimum of 60 credits. It is expected that a student can usually earn this qualification by successfully completing the four semesters.


If the student has opted out for the Higher Diploma in Business Accounting from the start, the student would be entitled to get only Dip(BAcc)) after completion of first year course units of HDip(BAcc.). But, if the Student enrolled for the HDip(BAcc.) at the beginning, he or she would be entitled to get two qualification, one for Dip(BAcc)) and another grade for HDip(BAcc.)

After the successful completion of the HDip(BAcc)) course in University of Kelaniya, students will be eligible to progress onto the Bachelors degree from the University of Kelaniya or any other reputed university.

Worth of the Course

With the phenomenon growth of Sri Lankan economy, the demand for Accounting and Finance executives is continuously increasing. The report of trustworthy source (ACCA 2012) stated that there is widespread growth of accounting and finance industry in Sri Lanka. Henceforth, there is a great demand for skilled and trained manpower in this field and this demand will continue to rise in future too.

Today, accounting and finance is an integral part of every commercial establishment; be it retail, manufacturing, banking, insurance etc. Keeping in view of these facts and the stable nature of accounts and finance industry, a large number of students want to shape their future in this. However, these students lack the practical skills in accounting & finance because of which they face difficulties in getting employment. Accordingly this higher diploma programme will be the strongest foundation for the students who wish to continue their further education in accounting discipline. This programme is designed for students, with modest or no previous knowledge in accounting and finance, who wish to study these subjects further, or who wish to undertake bachelors degree in accounting and finance but lack the depth of knowledge necessary to commence bachelors degree and master level study.

This programme is two years program which provides an exit point after completing the first year course units. Accordingly, students who successfully complete the first year course units will be awarded with the Diploma in Business Accounting. Students who successfully complete the second year course units, student will be awarded with the Higher Diploma in Accounting. Accordingly, Higher Diploma in Accounting will provide a pathway to those who wish to pursue the bachelors degree.

This programme is identified as Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework Level (SLQL) 3 and 4 programmes according to the Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework. It qualifies a student to follow SLQL 5 programme which is indicated as a Bachelors degree of 90 credits. Accordingly, student who completes SLQL 4 need additional 30 credits more to obtain a bachelors degree in any recognized University.

Aims and Objectives


The program aims at providing students with basic knowledge in the areas of Accounting and Finance which incorporates both
theoretical and practical aspects.

Thus the program will enable the students to;

  • Enhance knowledge and competencies in Accounting.

  • Establish a foundation to pursue further education in Accounting.

  • Gain a competitive qualification to embark with numerous opportunities available in rapidly changing business environment especially in Accounting.

  • Develop individual skills of the students to handle the issues pertaining to the Small and Medium Size Entrepreneurs in the field of Accounting.

  • Provide opportunity for lifelong learning.


  • To introduce basic functions in accounting.

  • To offer an understanding of the key managerial skills in the Accounting and Finance environment.

  • To be able to analyze and interpret accounting information.

  • To provide an understanding of contemporary developments in Accounting.

  • To provide students to engage in practical exposure in accounting.

  • To familiarize students with information technology applications in Accounting.

Year One

Semester One

Course Code Status Name of the module Credits
HDAC 01013 Core Financial Accounting 03

HDAC 01023

Core Business Economics 03
HDAC 01033 Core ICT in Accounting 03
HDAC 01043 Core Business Management 03
HDAC 01053 Core Business Mathematics and Statistics 03

Semester Two

Course Code Status Name of the module Credits
HDAC 02063 Core Management Accounting 03
HDAC 02073 Core Financial Reporting 03
HDAC 02083 Core Business Law and Taxation 03
HDAC 02093 Core Computer Based Accounting 03
HDAC 02103 Core Auditing and Assurance Services 03


Year Two

Semester One

Course Code Status Name of the module Credits
HDAC 11113 Core Advanced Financial Reporting 03
HDAC 11123 Core Financial Management 03
HDAC 11132 Core Information Management 02
HDAC 11145 Core Internship in Accounting (Part I) 05

Semester One

Course Code Status Name of the module Credits
HDAC 12153 Core Advanced Auditing and Assurance Service 03
HDAC 12163 Core Advanced Taxation 03
HDAC 12173 Core Advanced Management Accounting 03
HDAC 12183 Core Strategic Management 03
HDAC 12195 Core Internship in Accounting (Part II) 05




"Make the Accountancy programme, the first choice among the students and stakeholders."


"To advance Accountancy education through Bachelor of Business Management (special) Accountancy degree which provides outstanding Accounting and management education for students, create and disseminate knowledge, promote the understanding and ethical practice of Accountancy profession and serve the community."

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