Course : Internship

Course Code : BMKT 43226

Status : Compulsory

Level                           : Level 4

Semester                     : Semester II

Overall Learning Outcomes : At the end of the course unit students should be able to;

  1. integrate academic knowledge with practical experiences to solve organizational issues
  2. display continuous learning through experiencing the role of Marketing Management in business
  3. integrate the theory and concepts taught in business and marketing management to the latest business world practices through practical job experience
  4. develop networking with professionals and identify possible mentors
  5. demonstrate and internalize the skills necessary to deal with practical issues of business and marketing

Course Content:

Topic No.


Learning  Outcomes



Learning Method

Method of Assessment



  1. integrate the knowledge in business management and marketing to blend with the organizational environment
  2. practice marketing related work activities in the organizational setting
  3. outline the day-to-day work experiences in the internship records
  4. practice and internalize work practices for career development
  5. display a comprehensive understanding of the work completed in the organizational setting

A minimum of 100 days (approximately 800 hours) internship in a private sector or public sector organizations

Internship Record Book Work Evaluation Report

Viva Voce Examination



  • Dr. Ravindra Dissanayake has been appointed as the Chairman of the National Think-Tank of Brand-Sri Lanka” Project


    Dr. Ravindra Dissanayake, Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing Management, the Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies of the University of Kelaniya, has been appointed as the Chairman of the National Think-Tank of “Brand-Sri Lanka” project.

    The National Budget of 2017 has proposed that...

  • The inauguration ceremony of MBM in Marketing -II Intake


    The inauguration ceremony of Master in Business and Management (MBM) in Marketing, (II Intake) offered by the Faculty of Commerce and Management studies, University of Kelaniya was successfully held on 27th of August 2017 at the CPMG Hall of Ananda Patabendige Building in the Faculty of...

  • Department of Marketing Management Signed an MOU with Marina Foods (Pvt) Ltd

    The Department of Marketing Management (DMM) of the University of Kelaniya, signed an MOU with Marina Foods (Pvt) Ltd on 04th May 2017 at the Senate Room of the University. With this MOU, Marina Foods (Pvt) Ltd comes on board as a strategic partner of DMM. The MOU mainly focuses on the...