Course : Dissertation

Course Code : BMKT 43218

Credit Value : 8

Status : Compulsory

Level      : Level 4

Semester  : Semester II

Overall Learning Outcomes : At the end of the session students should be able to;

  1. demonstrate the ability to explore a topic of their own choosing in depth by means of independent research.
  2. develop a comprehensive literature review of the topic under investigation and write a comprehensive and logical evaluation of the salient aspects.
  3. evaluate the empirical evidences on Marketing and Business Management
  4. demonstrate rigor in the analysis of data and information from primary and/or secondary sources and in the synthesis and interpretation of facts and ideas.
  5. develop skills in project management and a sense of proportion in evaluating data for a substantial research project.
  6. develop a plan and write a dissertation which demonstrate a logical consistency in approach and structure, and critical evaluation of theory, process solutions and outcomes
  7. build an awareness of the strengths and shortcomings of the outcomes of the research project undertaken
  8. internalize the ethical consideration of conducting a thesis project in an academic environment

Course Content                     :

Topic No


Learning Outcomes

Teaching and Learning Method

Method of Assessment


Preparation of Research Proposal

At the end of this session students should be able to;

  1. investigate research projects and select a researchable topic
  2. produce a research proposal choosing their own topic
  3. develop their research proposal backed by the theory
  4. modify the intended project’s scope based on the comments made by the academia
  5. organize bibliographic data with the help of communication technology


Research Proposal and Individual Presentations


Chapter Writing

At the end of this session students should be able to;

  1. formulate a suitable research question/s for the selected topic
  2. apply guidelines pertaining to dissertation writing to the assigned research project
  3. identify appropriate methods for addressing the question/s identified in the research project
  4. apply problem-solving skills in a supervised research situation and to a pre-set schedule
  5. practice communication skills by discussing progress with the Supervisor and making best use of the consultation meetings by using supervisory face to face meetings to communicate with the Supervisor
  6. learning, planning, organization and time management by planning work to meet a set of pre-determined deadlines preparing for meetings with the Supervisor and observing strict deadlines and schedules
  7. practicing numeracy (depending on dissertation topic) by analyzing appropriate numerical data or conveying information via statistical means
  8. produce scholarly work to non-specialists and summarize their work in writing, in the form of an Abstract
  9. develop written communication skills by completing draft chapters and the final dissertation for summative assessment

Individual Guidance


Recommended Reading        :

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