Course : Case Study Based Strategic Management

Course Code : BMKT 42254

Credit Value : 4

Status : Compulsory

Level                           : Level 4

Semester                     : Semester II

Overall Learning Outcomes : At the end of the session students should be able to;

  1. appraise the business case studies to comprehend content and behavior of business cases and strategic face of detailing business issues
  2. evaluate the approaches being followed in solving business case issues pertained to different functional perspectives across the industries
  3. assess the comparative validity of different theories and models could be used in resolving business issues in par with industry uniqueness
  4. develop business case by considering the real life scenario followed by learnt content via established business case studies
  5. practice effective problem solving approaches to resolve the business cases in different business sectors
  6. outline the content of business case by analyzing and synthesizing the key investigation areas of a real life business issue
  7. review a figured out business case by integrating the learnt content into practical realty via operationalizing a business model

Course Content :

Topic No.


Learning Outcomes



Learning method

Method of Assessment


Review of a case study

At the end of the session students should be able to;

  1. appraise the content and  rationale of a business case study in applying the concepts and models  pertained to strategy
  2. outline the content of a case study into different business cases as to validate learnt content for cross industry perspectives
  3. outline the essence of a business case to outline the strategic intent as to use for decision making guide
  4. illustrate the content of a case study as connecting to learned theoretical base to review the practicability
  5. outline the content of business case study for synthesizing key factors to be used in problem solving context


Brainstorming sessions

End Semester Examination

Case review report


Strategic overview and integration of a business case study

At the end of the session students should be able to;

  1. assess the excellence of designing, implementing and controlling of strategies detailed in a case study
  2. compare  how cross functional strategies being designed, impended and controlled as a holistic strategy model
  3. evaluate the significance of  the strategic approach  being detailed in a business case study to validate for different industries
  4. evaluate alternative approach for the content detailed in a case study to comprehend the knowledge into practice
  5. internalize the learnt content to model the problem solving contexts in different industries
  6. apply the learnt content as a guide of analyzing and recommending effective strategies for different business cases

Buzz groups

Class room discussions

Group presentation

End Semester Examination Group report submission


Assessing case studies for decision making

At the end of the session students should be able to;

  1. outline the content of the problem scenario being detailed in the case study as to blueprint the overall business issue
  2. review the key issues of a case study and frame the  decision making directions ‘
  3. propose strategic solutions for the problems being detailed in case studies  by incorporating the leant content of theories and models
  4. customize the decision making approach to solve the business issues detailed in business case study
  5. demonstrate the alternative forms to provide solutions for a business case by integrating the learnt content gained out of  different case studies
  6. review business cases followed by rational and innovative thinking as a strategist

Group discussions


(Seminar of guest lecturers)  Case study analysis

End Semester Examination Group work report on case study


Building business cases

strategic direction

At the end of the session students should be able to;

  1. evaluate a business problem exists in real life scenario  to construct a problem investigation assignment
  2. prepare a business case based on the investigation and observation gained through internship or agreement with identified employers
  3. develop the business case related information as to organize a well formatted business case study
  4. demonstrate the ability of investigating, constructing and summarizing a problematic scenario of an organization into a sequenced business case study
  5. produce a comprehensive case study report as a well-organized presentation of business case content.
  6. review an identified business case by providing  modeled strategic solutions  to activate along with real life market conditions

Buzz groups  Brainstorming sessions Simulation    Field investigations

Progress presentations Case study report and group presentation


Strategy formulation

At the end of the session students should be able to;

  1. design  generic, growth, functional and tactical strategies followed by rational approach
  2. justify the set  strategy for a given context to integrate theory into practice
  3. integrate the strategy levels and  planning levels  for an effective formulation of strategy
  4. practice the product and  branding  strategies for a given context
  5. apply the learnt  basis to formulate strategies by considering the nature of  real life  contexts
  6. formulate business model to integrate functions and processes into strategic template of an organization

Lectures Brainstorming sessions Workshop

End Semester Examination Class room activity report and presentation


Strategy in action

At the end of the session students should be able to;

  1. organize the internal value chain to assist strategy implementation
  2. recommend the cross functional setup to be established in strategy execution
  3. develop an action plan by considering the time frames, budget limits and other resource limitations
  4. coordinate the inter-functional synergy to activate marketing strategies in an organization.
  5. design a constructive action plan to activate the programs as planned
  6. practice strategy implementation techniques and processes to achieve the set goals within the defined frames


Buzz group

End Semester Examination Group presentation and report


Strategy evaluation and control

At the end of the session students should be able to;

  1. recommend the suitable evaluation and controlling methods to do needful controls
  2. assess the performance against set standards to evaluate the implementation excellence of a strategic marketing plan
  3. diagnose the deviation of actual performance against set standards to make needful control actions
  4. construct the activation guide for the controlling techniques and systems to monitor the progress against standards
  5. coordinate multi-functional controlling methods and activations to execute the holistic controlling approach
  6. adjust the determined controlling techniques and systems in par with the ad-hoc environmental conditions to make realistic approach for controlling process

Lectures Chapter review (group) Brainstorming sessions

End Semester Examination Group assignment report and presentation


Promotional strategies

At the end of the session students should be able to;

  1. asses the promotional tools as to justify their effectiveness in practice for a given context
  2. apply promotional mix along with set objectives considering real life contexts pertained to different industries
  3. interpret the way how a promotional mix is being used by organizations in practice
  4. develop promotion plan along with set objectives to implement the promotion tools
  5. apply the learnt content to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented promotional tools
  6. practice the promotion strategies to solve marketing issues pertained for a given context


Group discussions


(guest speaker)

End Semester Examination Class room activity report and presentation event

Recommended Reading:

  1. Ferrel, O.C. and Hartline, M.(2012), "Marketing Strategy,Text and Cases", 6thedition, Cengage Learning.
  2. Clow, K. and Baack, E.(2011), "Cases in Marketing Management", SAGE Publications
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