Bachelor of Business Management Special Degree in Marketing

Currently the Department of Marketing Management at the University of Kelaniya offers the Bachelor of Business Management Degree programme to meet the demand of today's ever changing  business needs. The Marketing Management degree provides rich and in-depth insights of Marketing, Management, Human Resource Management (HRM), Information Technology (IT) and Accounting.

The students are encouraged to think broadly about Marketing and other cross disciplines without themselves restricting to Marketing. The core of the degree programme is to create graduates with multidisciplinary knowledge who can sustain within the modern business environment. Mainly the B.B.Mgt (Marketing) Special degree programme follows a semester-based course unit system and continues for four years. During these four years 45 course units including electives of different credit values are offered.

To obtain the degree, students must complete a minimum of 120 credits with at least 30 credits in each year. The medium of instructions for the programme is English and lectures, class room discussions, tutorials, case studies, role plays, field visits, study trips and presentations are used as instructional methodologies. Furthermore emphasis is laid also on  providing students with a comprehensive practical knowledge in all aspects of management, with a one year compulsory internship programme in the final year.

Program is structured into four levels (years) emphasizing four profiles with knowledge,skills and personal domains.




Year IV



Year III




Year II




Year I



  • The certificate awarding ceremony of Diploma in People Skills Facilitated by Nestlé Lanka PLC

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  • Dr. Ravindra Dissanayake has been appointed as the Chairman of the National Think-Tank of Brand-Sri Lanka” Project


    Dr. Ravindra Dissanayake, Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing Management, the Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies of the University of Kelaniya, has been appointed as the Chairman of the National Think-Tank of “Brand-Sri Lanka” project.

    The National Budget of 2017 has proposed that...

  • The inauguration ceremony of MBM in Marketing -II Intake


    The inauguration ceremony of Master in Business and Management (MBM) in Marketing, (II Intake) offered by the Faculty of Commerce and Management studies, University of Kelaniya was successfully held on 27th of August 2017 at the CPMG Hall of Ananda Patabendige Building in the Faculty of...