The Marketing Management Degree is taught by a faculty who meet high standards of the University of Kelaniya. The majority of the faculty members have a wealth of experience from the industry and are focused on providing a unique and innovative learning environment for the students. Industry experts as well as the past graduates have been given the opportunity to share their knowledge and practical experiences inside the class room settings.

Head of the Department

Dr. Ajith Medis

Senior Lecturer Grade I  

PhD (MSV), B.Com(Kel’ya), MBA(Sri J.), MICM(UK), Dip.M.(UK), CMA(Aus)


Senior Professor E.G.Ubayachandra

Senior Lecturer Grade I

B.Com.(Kel’ya), M.Com(Kel'ya)



D. Wasantha Kumara

Senior Lecturer Grade I

B.Com.(Kel’ya), M.Com( Kel'ya)


Dr. R.A,S.Weerasiri

Senior Lecturer Grade I

Phd(SCUT-China),B.Com.(Kel’ya), M.Com( Kel'ya)


Dr. W.M.C.B.Wanninayake

Lecturer Grade I

PhD(TBU-Czech Republic), B.Sc. Mkt. Mgt. (Special) (SJP), Dip.M. (UK), MBA (C’bo)



Dr. H.M.R.P.Herath

Senior Lecturer Grade I

Phd (New Castle- UK)B.B.Mgt (Mkt) (Kel'ya), MBA (SJP), MSLIM



Mrs. Bimali Wijesundara

Senior Lecturer Grade I

B.B.Mgt (Mkt) (Kel'ya), MSc (MIT) (Kel'ya)

Dr. Ravi Dissanayake

Senior Lecturer Grade II (Study Leave)

DBA (Switzerland),  PhD -Reading (Malaysia), MBA(PIM:SJP),B.B.Mgt (Kelaniya)

Sugeeth Patabendige (Study Leave - Reading for PhD, RMIT University, Australia)

Senior Lecturer Grade II

MEcon (UOC),CGMA, ACMA (UK), ACIM (UK),  BBA Sp (Hons) (UOC)


Nilantha Perera

Senior Lecturer Grade II

B.B.Mgt (Mkt) (Kel’ya), MBA (Sri J.), MCIM, MSLIM, MCPM


Mrs. Madhuri Fernando

Senior Lecturer Grade II

B. Sc. Mkt. Mgt. (Special) (SJP), MBA (Sri J)



Mrs. Wasana Jayawickramarathne (Study Leave - Reading for PhD)

Senior Lecturer Grade II (Study Leave)

B.B.Mgt (Mkt) (Kel’ya), MBA (Kel'ya)

H.M.R.S.S.Gunawardana (Study Leave - Reading for PhD)

Senior Lecturer Grade II (Study Leave)

B.B.Mgt (Mkt) (Kel’ya), Msc(Mgt)(Sri'J)



S. Uditha Bandara


B.B.Mgt (Special) Mkt (Kel'ya) MBA (Sri J)


Ms.Poornima Gayathri

Lecturer (Probationary)

B.B.Mgt (Special) Mkt (Kel'ya)


Ms.Shanika Wijenayake

Lecturer (Probationary)

B.Sc. In MIT (Special) (Kel'ya)


Thilina D.K

Lecturer (Probationary)

B.B.Mgt (Special) Mkt (Kel'ya) Dip. BIT

Nisal Gunawardane

Lecturer (Probationary)

B.B.Mgt (Special) Mkt (Kel'ya) Dip.Brand (SLIM),



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  • Dr. Ravindra Dissanayake has been appointed as the Chairman of the National Think-Tank of Brand-Sri Lanka” Project


    Dr. Ravindra Dissanayake, Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing Management, the Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies of the University of Kelaniya, has been appointed as the Chairman of the National Think-Tank of “Brand-Sri Lanka” project.

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  • The inauguration ceremony of MBM in Marketing -II Intake


    The inauguration ceremony of Master in Business and Management (MBM) in Marketing, (II Intake) offered by the Faculty of Commerce and Management studies, University of Kelaniya was successfully held on 27th of August 2017 at the CPMG Hall of Ananda Patabendige Building in the Faculty of...