Department of Finance (DFin) always attempts to provide academic knowledge plus practical and professional exposure to students spelled out in the vision and mission statements of the department.

(DFin) has identified that the globalized dimensional changes are growing; importance of  knowledge in information and communication revolution that calls for changes in education  and training needs for high levels of skills; institutional change of inter and multi-disciplinary  programs, new pedagogical approaches and flexibility as more important attributes in higher education of 21st century. Student centered approach towards quality and relevance education is the critical success factors of the process. Therefore department thoroughly believes its strengths and expects to exploit the environmental opportunities to achieve its vision. Mainly department wants to create a graduate who can cope up with the corporate needs utilizing their knowledge and skills at the maximum possible level.

Interactive learning is one of the key activities that could produce employable, best, smartest and relevant Finance graduates. Further, learning through research and introducing innovations are main goals of the university system. Current students run behind competitive examinations even within the university system instead devoting their time to acquire new knowledge through research and practice. DFin proposes the “Blue Key Research Company” with the intention to create a unique and more interactive academic atmosphere.

“Blue Key Research Company” is a new as well as a radical concept to the entire university system it would alter the conventional teaching methods in an effective way. It is a long felt need and a result of thinking out of the box.

Uniqueness and importance of the Finance discipline, and the growing demand for Finance graduates indicate the possibilities that are available to finance graduates to play a significant role in both public and private sectors. The graduates specialized in Finance are very important today in the context of financial crisis which happened due to improper finance decisions. These Finance graduates could face such crises by applying their sound financial and management knowledge in solving problems and thereby can contribute to the economic development of the country.

More than 80% of the Management graduates are recruited by private sector companies based on their professional qualification and experience. Minimum of one year experience has become a job entry requirement. Further corporate sector is with the opinion that local graduates are less competent in terms of skills, attitudes and discipline.

Research and analytical skills are highly required in the field of Finance. Providing analytical and research skills with the subject knowledge within fifteen weeks course unit is irrational as it is accepted that wisdom comes through continuous thinking and practice. Therefore creating a research culture is the best solution to afore mentioned problems.  As a responsible department within the local university system, DFin comes up with an innovative solution to bridge the above stated gap by the establishment of the “Blue Key Research Company”

Undergraduates will be involved in activities of the Blue Key Research Company of the Department of Finance. Students can interactively participate in company activities discussed in the mechanism and gain more experience and skills. We can create a new academic atmosphere which illuminates the creative thinking and innovation. The proposed company enhances and enriches the harness of the students for their internships and job opportunities whilst research culture enables them to open up their young minds to have a cutting edge at the job market.

  • To create a real company atmosphere within the university, harnessing the students with the internship and jobs while they are on academic studies.
  • To enhance the Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Discipline, Creativity, innovativeness and Entrepreneurship through on the job training.
  • To provide a job experience to students and enable them to compete well ahead in the job market.
  • To create a source of income for the students and enable them to carry out the degree program with self-respect
  • To discourage students joining unnecessary jobs and activities during their study period
  • To generate a source of income for the Department and to the University
  • To position the name of the Department among the stakeholders
  • To provide some scholarships to required students as a CSR project.
  • To encourage students to acquire qualifications as much as possible.
  • To improve the analytical and research skills of the students.
  • To encourage the undergraduates to read and comprehend.
  • To encourage the innovations of the 21st century undergraduates.
  • To produce a graduate equipped with all attributes that are expected by the employers.

Blue-Key Research Company is a service providing company concentrated in collecting, storing, analyzing business information and providing best solutions to its clients. Data regarding Sri Lankan economy, information regarding publicly quoted companies and etc., has being collected from trusted sources in to commonly accepted formats and then carefully analyze them and providing the accurate information to the equity analysis or for the business valuation is the core function of the BlueKey Research Company. BlueKey research Company is a firm where they seek for vital information that can affect the day today investment decisions and etc.

All the activities are carrying out by the first, second and third year undergraduates of the Department of Finance with the supervision of dedicated academic staff. The business formalities, ethics and professional standards will be carried out in the Blue-Key research company in its affairs. It is the first time in the history of University of Kelaniya that an undergraduate will be given the opportunity experience the formal attire and professional behavior in the university premises. It is a huge step towards improving the confident level of the undergraduate. The establishing such a research company in the university context will help the undergraduates in many streams, knowledge and practice, sense of business attires, exposure in the formal business activities, business relationships, etc.

In the investment analysis or valuation the preciseness of the final pricing or the output depend on the accuracy of the information input. Major uniqueness of the Blue-key research company is its own rich database. Furthermore its independency to the client and the trustworthiness it brings to its client differ Blue Key Research Company from its competitors.

“To be the clients’ BEST and SMARTEST financial adviser”


Mission is to provide effective, defensive and independent investment research solutions and analytics support services while delighting clients by respecting their values.”

Trusted partner in your investments”




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