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Recent Studies...

Corporate governance and default prediction: a reality test
JMR Fernando, L Li, Y Hou

Financial versus Non-Financial Information for Default Prediction: Evidence from Sri Lanka and the USA
JMR Fernando, L Li, G Hou

Equity Risk Premium Puzzle: Evidence from Indonesia and Sri Lanka
PS Morawakage, PD Nimal, D Kuruppuarachchi

Impact of liquidity risk on the performances of Sri Lankan commercial banks
R Madhuwanthi, PS Morawakage


Is the Market Efficiency Static or Dynamic–Evidence from Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)
PND Fernando, AL Gunasekara

Factors Affecting Technological Issues in Diary Industry, with Special Reference to the Large-Scale Firms in Sri Lanka
S. Weerasekara, R. Abeysekera

The factors affecting entrepreneurial intention of MBA students of University of Kelaniya: a qualitative study
DC Basnayake, R Abeysekera

The Impact of Dividend on Share Price: Empirical Evidence from Colombo Stock Exchange, Sri Lanka
PS Morawakage, KBT Piyarathna

Impact of Strategy Execution on Organizational Performance: A Review

WBMD Basnayake


Behavioral Factors Affecting to Selection of Brokerage Firm in Colombo Stock Exchange by Retail Investors

CSPK Fernando, AL Gunasekara, WDJD Weerasingha, DMASN Dasanayake

Cash management system and suggestions for policy formulation for E-cash management system in Sri Lanka
T Liyanapathirana, RPC Ranjani

E-Cash management System in the Public Sector in Sri Lanka: With Special Reference to the Ministry of Public Administration & Home Affairs
T Liyanapathirana, RPC Ranjani

Human Capital Disclosure Practices: Comparative Study of Banking, Insurance and Finance Industries in Sri Lanka.
SS Weligamage

Default risk and debt recovery strategies of microfinance providers: A comparative study in Sri Lanka
BLW Kalpani, R Abeysekera

Co-production in business training in microfinance institutions: a conceptual approach

R Abeysekera, D Patton, A Mullineux

The Relationship between Capital Structure and Ownership Structure: Evidence from Listed Companies in Hotel and Manufacturing Sectors in Sri Lanka
K Kulathunga, LAS Perera, GN Anagipura

Corporate governance and dividend policy: A study of listed manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka
K Kulathunga, W Weerasinghe, JAB Jayarathne

Ownership structure and dividend policy: application of Lintner's dividend model in Sri Lanka
K Kulathunga, AA Azeez

The Impact of Earnings Quality on the Stock Returns of Listed Manufacturing Companies in the Colombo Stock Exchange
R Wijesinghe, S Kehelwalatenna

The Impact of Leverage on Real Earnings Management: Evidences from Listed Manufacturing Companies in Colombo Stock Exchange
R Wijesinghe, C Kavinda

A Case Study Review of Strategic Acquisitions of Synergic PLC
K Kulathunga, D Basnayake, R Wijesinghe, S Chandrasena

The Effect of a Team’s Knowledge Management Practices on Team Performance : Evidence from Sri Lankan Software Development Companies and Business Process Outsourcing Companies

WBMD Basnayake, JASK Jayakody

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