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Young Digital Marketers Challenge 2014


The Students’ Association of Business and Technology (ABT) of the Department of Commerce and Financial Management (DCFM), University of Kelaniya recently hosted the Young Digital Marketers Challenge 2014. The aim of the event was to showcase marketing know-how blended with technological skills of 3rd year undergraduates reading for the Bachelor of Commerce Special Degree in Business Technology. The event was held on the 31th October 2014 at the faculty premises and it was driven under the theme, Unleashing the New Era of Marketing. Hence, the challenge enabled undergraduates to demonstrate their digital marketing pilot projects carried out for three Sri Lankan renowned companies who haven’t adopted digital marketing strategies initially. The event was a success thus the respective company representatives extend their appreciation for such endeavor. The keynote speech was given by the Mr. V. Dinesh, Vice President – Product Strategy and Digital Marketing at 247 Techies.



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