Course Code :


Title :
Business Internship

Type/Status :


aaaaaaaaaaaa Aims :
This course module is designed to enhance the students’ practical working & professional skills and create positive attitudes among students for improving their work efficiency and productivity.
Learning Outcome : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa By the end of the course unit students should be able to;
  • develop positive attitudes for working in different environments.
  • acquire working skills related to different managerial level jobs.

Course Content :

Each student should complete at least 600 training hours in one of the following fields; Accounting; Finance; Auditing; Marketing; Human Resource Management; Information Technology; or any other field approved by the Department of Commerce & Financial Management.

Method of Training :

The internship should be undertaken in a public or private Sector organizations approved by the Department of Commerce & Financial Management. The department, the student and the trainer shall come into an agreement to carry out the training. The students should properly maintain the Training Record Book provided by the department.

Assessments/Evaluation :

The course unit is evaluated by the Evaluation Board (EB) appointed by the department on the marks (50 % maximum) assigned to the Training Record Book (TRB),   marks (20 % maximum) given to the Confidential Evaluation Report (TCER) maintained by the trainer, and marks (30 % maximum) on trainees’ individual presentation on the Internship training at the end of the module.