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Managerial Perspective of E-Commerce

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aaaaaaaaaaaa Aims :
This course module is designed to provide comprehensive understanding of modern electronic business environment and its impact on supply chain and improve the students’ ability to develop and implement
Learning Outcome : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
By the end of this course unit students should be able to:
  • define terminology in E-commerce
  • describe what is E-market place, structure and mechanism
  • distinguish different E-business models
  • describe Legal, Ethical, and Societal impacts of EC
  • evaluate E-commerce web contents of different web sites
  • propose E-commerce solutions for business firms

Course Content : Overview of electronic commerce, E-market places, structure & mechanism, Retailing in electronic commerce, E-Commerce business models, E-supply chains, Collaborative commerce, Innovative EC systems, ECRM and other supporting systems, Building E-Commerce applications and infrastructure, Launching a successful online business and EC project, Legal, Ethical, and Societal impacts of EC

Method of Teaching & Learning:

Lectures, Tutorials and Assignments

Scheme of Evaluation:

End Semester Examination, Assignments and Tests.

The weights given to each component of the evaluation method is announced at the commencement of the module.

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Turban E., Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspectives (2006), Prentice Hall, India

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Journal of electronic commerce