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Business Planning

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aaaaaaaaaaaa Aims :
This course module is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge about concepts, theories, models and strategies of a business plan.
Learning Outcome : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
By the end of this course unit students should be able to;
  • Explain the purpose of a business plan.
  • Describe the two primary reasons for writing a business plan.
  • Identify the difference between a summary business plan, a full business plan and an operational business plan.
  • Understand the importance of the organizational plan, marketing plan, related financial documents and supporting documents in a business plan.
  • Prepare a business plan for a one-person business, for a small business, for an established business.

Course Content : Understanding the importance of a business plan, Defining your business purpose, generating successful business idea, outline of the business plan, describing your market place, forecasting & budgeting, organizational plan, marketing plan, financial documents, supporting documents, business plan for one-person business, business plan for small business, business plan for established business, putting your plan into action.

Method of Teaching & Learning:

Lectures, Case studies and Class room discussion.

Scheme of Evaluation:

Assignments, Presentations and End semester examination.

The weights given to each component of the evaluation method is announced at the commencement of the module.

Recommended Readings:

Bruce R. Barringer and R. Duane Ireland (2012), Entrepreneurship:Successfully launching new ventures. 4th ed. Pearson education Ltd.

Linda Pinson. (2008), Anatomy of a business plan. 7th ed. Out of your mind and into the marketplace (OM…IM).

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