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Title :

Basic Econometrics

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aaaaaaaaaaaa Aims :
The prime objective of this course is to provide students with a practical, working knowledge of basic econometrics to assist them in the application and testing of behavioural models and to use the models to produce quantitative forecasts for informed decision making.
Learning Outcome : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
After studying this course unit students should be able to:
  • explain basic concepts, principles and methods in econometrics.
  • interpret, evaluate and explain regression results and test hypotheses.
  • identify and discuss the problems in using econometric models.
  • use statistical techniques and econometrics methods as a tool to analyze business related problems and real world situations.
  • use one of the statistical software packages.

Course Content : The Nature and Scope of Econometrics; Simple Regression Analysis; Multiple Regression Analysis and other extensions. Model Selection ; Criteria and Tests, Problems in Regression.

Method of Teaching & Learning:

Lectures, Laboratory exercises and Assignments

Scheme of Evaluation:

End semester examination, Assignments and Presentations.

The weights given to each component of the evaluation method is announced at the commencement of the module.

Recommended Readings:

Gujarati, D. N. (2008). Basic Econometrics (4th ed.). McGraw-Hill.

Gujarati, D. N. (2006). Essentials of Econometrics (International Edition ed.). McGraw-Hill.

Koutsoviannis, A. (2001). Theory of Econometrics (2nd ed.). New York: PALGRAVE.