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Development Economics

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aaaaaaaaaaaa Aims :
This course module is designed to improve an overall knowledge of the major problems and prospects for economic development by focusing specially on the plight of the three quarters of the world’s population who live basically in South East Asia, Africa, Latin America for whom poverty and low levels of living  are a fact of life.
Learning Outcome : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
By the end of this course unit students should be able to:
  • explain the theories and strategies of economic development within the context of poverty, inequality and unemployment.
  • identify contemporary third world economic problems and to reach independent and informal judgments and policy conclusions about their possible solutions.
  • identify necessary policy planning by considering NIC’s and other selected countries in achieving development targets of Sri Lanka.

Course Content : Nature and problems of underdevelopment; Theories and Strategies of development; Poverty, Inequality and development; Population Growth and economic development; Agriculture transformation and Rural development; Human capital; The trade policy debate; Foreign finance. Investment and Aid; Economic experiences of some selected countries.

Method of Teaching & Learning:

Lectures, Tutorial, and Assignments

Scheme of Evaluation:

End semester examination, Assignments and Presentations.

The weights given to each component of the evaluation method is announced at the commencement of the module.

Recommended Readings:

Human Development Report

Torado, M. P. (2006). Economic Development (9 ed.). New York University: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.

Torado, M. P., & Smith, S. C. (2010). Economic Development (11 ed.). Pearson Education.

World Development Report.