The Students Association of Business and Technology (ABT) hosted its major academic event YBTER Congress 2013 for 2ndconsecutive year under the theme “In Search of Stimulative Strategies: An Analysis of Sri Lankan Vegetable and Fruit Supply Chain” on 28th September 2013 at F2 hall, University of Kelaniya. Under the theme this year they looked at a spectrum of research articles which address prevailing issues in Sri Lankan vegetable and fruit supply chain thus proposing sustainable solutions.
The vegetable and fruit supply chain in Sri Lanka is a contemporary topic that most people talk about where the recent dilemmas showed the significance of studying it. Price mafia, fruits and vegetables damages and waste and vegetable going perished due to inappropriate methods of picking, packing, storing and transportation and insufficient information flow were the major handicaps that have popped up recently. Therefore it was very important to study the whole supply chain and find out the necessary remedies in order to develop Sri Lankan fruit and vegetable industry. The aim of the YBTER congress 2013 was to do a comprehensive analysis on vegetable and fruit supply chain in Sri Lanka in order to identify the major difficulties as well as dilemmas faced by all the parties involved in vegetable and fruit supply chain in Sri Lanka thus proposing sustainable solutions to avoid them. The issues addressed in this proceeding were not unknown matters yet no one still pays attention to such significant inefficiencies. Through this congress, authors illustrated relevant possible solutions which were not practiced or practicing for some extent in Sri Lanka. Hence this congress  proceeding was expected to stimulate the readers awareness of unidentified dilemmas and missing solutions to allow relevant authorities to rethink on best adoptive strategies in terms of Sri Lankan vegetable and fruit supply chain. YBETR 2013 research team consisted with 10 final year business technology undergraduate researchers headed by congress chair Ms. H.M.U.S.R. Samarasinghe. The Chief Editor of the congress was Mr. H.A.H. Hettiarachchi, lecturer attached to the DCFM. This event was graced by the presence of Dr. L.P. Rupasena, Additional Director (Research), Hector Kobbakaduwa Agrarian Research & Training Institute (HARTI) and followed by the Dr. D.M. Semasinghe, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies (FCMS) and Dr. C. Pathirawasam, Head of the Department of Commerce & Financial Management (DCFM), University of Kelaniya. During the discussion had at congress with the key note speaker of YBTER, Dr. L.P. Rupasena pointed out that in Sri Lankan context there is no proper vegetable and fruit supply chain seems to be thus still lagging behind as a marketing channel since there is no such integration system apparent among the parties involved in vegetable and fruit industry. Most importantly this congress addressed the issues that were prevailing as mentioned earlier as well as under hand dealings jeopardy and vicious cycle in the supply chain of fruit & vegetable in Sri Lanka. The congress was enormously successful thus invitees including keynote speaker and distinguished senior lecturers of the FCMS highly appreciated such initiative.


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