Technology adoption is the most fundamental requirement of a country to move towards positive technological development, countries need to accept the technologies already available elsewhere in the world before developing local technologies. Technology adoption always works as a stimulator for the local technological innovations. Young Business Technology and Entrepreneurial Researchers (YBTER) are the combined research group which consists of final year undergraduates from business technology and entrepreneurship study streams of Department of Commerce and Financial Management. The YBTER congress organized by the Association of Business and Technology (ABT) was held on 23th March 2012 at F2 Hall, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya. The aim of the YBTER Congress 2012 was to reintroduce the available technologies, which have not been successfully adopted in Sri Lanka. The technologies to be discussed in this congress are not unknown innovations in the world and some of them are already known and well established technologies in the market. Further, some of the technologies introduce in this proceeding may have partially utilized in Sri Lanka and hence, the readers may feel that these technologies are not new and innovative; however, through this congress, authors expect to introduce new avenues of applying available state of the arts technologies in Sri Lanka. This discussed the success stories of adoption and application of innovative technologies in different industries in other countries, where Sri Lanka has shown serious limitations in finding innovative solutions. Hence, this congress proceeding expected to stimulate the readers awareness of missing technologies in Sri Lanka and allow them to rethink of best adoptive strategies to implement these technologies in Sri Lanka. Many distinguished guests were presented for the occasion including Dr. D. M. Semasinghe, Present Dean and Former Head of DCFM as the Guest of Honor and Professor R. P. C. Ranjani, Former Dean of the Faculty.


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