Stimulating a research driven culture is one of the prime concerns in Universities at present. Thus the Department of Commerce and Financial Management (DCFM), at the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies organized the Student Research Symposium to stimulate a research culture among the undergraduates. The main objective of the student Symposium was to offer a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas among students from different fields of commerce and management. Furthermore, the symposium focused on objectives such as, promoting and educating the value of research for academic and professional development, exchanging results and experiences in commerce and management, identifying challenging research problems for the field, as well as promising research outlets and to strengthen the vision and understanding of the upcoming trends in management. The 1st symposium’s theme was ‘In Conquest of a Research Driven Culture’. The motive behind this theme was especially among the undergraduates research culture is less in popular and this symposium intended to develop preliminary research insights among the undergraduates. In fact, the symposium covered many disciplines of commerce and management. Accounting and finance, Marketing and supply Chain Management, Human Resource Development, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship & Project Management, International Trade & Finance were some of the areas covered in the symposium.

The implementation of the symposium targeted final year undergraduates of the DCFM who are following Research Methodology course unit and focally students who are undergoing dissertation as a mandatory requirement of the Bachelor of Commerce degree. Moreover, final year dissertation students were also encouraged to compile their research papers with their assigned supervisor. Finally, the panel of judges reviewed the symposium presentations and marks were allocated and certificates were distributed to all students who were compiled their research under the course unit of dissertation as an appreciation. In fact, the organizing committee strived to impose novelty to the conventional symposium setting. Introduction of student poster presentations, paper development weeks, and entertainment items were able to enrich the novelty aspect of the symposium.

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