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Center for Entrepreneurship Research and Development (CERD)


As stated in the mission statement of the Department of Commerce and Financial Management, ‘creating and teaching new business philosophers and by providing creative business philosophers to flying high with glocalizing’ has paid a much attention. This as a part of the mission of the department the study program should produce entrepreneurs and corporate entrepreneurs to create and to manage business ventures respectively.

The comparisons of number of placements distributed and Universities which offering degrees of Entrepreneurship signifies the need and the value a typical student pursues for an Entrepreneurial Degree would possibly hold. That is out of 15 state universities and 3 campuses come directly under the authority of University Grants Commission; only 3 Universities are offering Degrees specializing in Entrepreneurship. This scenario depicts that a distinctive student pursuing Entrepreneurship degree would inevitably holds a competitive advantage over other students. That is because out of the approximate figure of 4055 students pursuing commerce and management degrees, only 250 students selected to for Entrepreneurship. We state, being a unique student from the rest of the commerce and management caliber would unavoidably gains advantages for their career development. Given these justifications on value of a degree in Entrepreneurship we firmly believe existing resource allocations for the stream of Entrepreneurship is scanty.

We believe that the human resources available for students in Entrepreneurship are considerably at a standard level. However in contrast, physical infrastructures available need improvements. We bring this argument because a stream like Entrepreneurship requires a hands on experience for students.

Each university offer degrees in Entrepreneurship prioritize hands on experience to Entrepreneurship students. For example, Professor Per Davidsson, the director, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia also identifies and signifies our notion as well. Adding to that, Imperial College, London has initiated an Entrepreneurship Hub intending students revitalize student entrepreneurial knowledge and to assist students to start their business initiatives. These are quick snapshots of entrepreneurial activities in the world. Besides, we emphasize all of the universities especially in local contexts have identified and have implemented initiatives to enhance entrepreneurial skills of the undergraduates.

Despite the various initiatives intended to enhance entrepreneurial skills of the students; we stated that physical infrastructures available need improvements. Thus we postulate a separate place to practice entrepreneurial aspects and to conduct entrepreneurial research would be a definite solution as a steering phenomenon to achieve their future Entrepreneurial Goal as mentioned in the mission statement. Given this the department intends to establish the Centre for Entrepreneurship Research and Development (CERD).

Objectives and Strategy of CERD

  • To establish entrepreneurial thinking among undergraduates
  • To encourage self and corporate entrepreneurship
  • To facilitate and to conduct entrepreneurship research
  • To facilitate students’ career development in entrepreneurship by establishing networks with corporate entrepreneurs
  • To contribute to the economic development of the country

Functions of CERD

  • Organizing university level entrepreneurship development programs and workshops.
  • Undertaking and publishing continuous entrepreneurship research.
  • Arranging student interaction with entrepreneurs and corporate entrepreneurs.
  • Organizing annual business planning competition.
  • Organizing annual entrepreneurship day.




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