Center for Entrepreneurship Research and Development (CERD)

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Research and Development (CERD) of the Department of Commerce and Financial Management, University of Kelaniya was established in 2016.  The mission of the Centre is to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, skills and knowledge in the students of the University of Kelaniya and others in the external context to empower them to become wealth creators. Creating and promoting entrepreneurial awareness and opportunities, facilitating and conducting entrepreneurship research, facilitating students’ career development in entrepreneurship by establishing networks with corporate entrepreneurs, mentoring of SMEs and offering supportive programs to SME operators are some of the subsidiary objectives of the Centre. 


Micro and SME can be identified as a core strength of a country’s economy. Most of the owners start a business without proper business management and finance knowledge inhibiting chances for business growth due to lack of knowledge. it is of high time that aforementioned stakeholders seek opportunities for growth via knowledge expansion and modern youth are claiming them to be entrepreneurs or introduce themselves as bosses of their own businesses. Further, some business owners are seeking for partners who possess a good background in business knowledge plus paper qualifications. Therefore, it is required to provide educational opportunities to micro and SME owners in order to run their business successfully or expand their business with or without a third party. DCFM and CERD view that the existing university education system has been unable to bridge this vacuum adequately and addressing the requirement of upgrading the SME sector businesses with emerging trends. The micro and SME sector owners should be guided and nurtured to transform their businesses in highly competitive world. Thus, the DCFM and CERD intend to fill the vacuum by offering “Short Course in Business Transformation” with a rich learning environment to micro and SME owners to take their businesses to the next level under the guidance of leading scholars and industry partners. The certificate course can be identified as a holistic approach to foster sound business transformation among its learners and to help the national economy.


The objective of the certificate course is to make the participants ready to transform their existing businesses and identify the opportunities for starting new businesses by

  • Providing advanced knowledge and techniques to the micro and SME owners in the field of business transformation.
  • Increasing the ability to blend theoretical and best practices into business transformation
  • Strengthening business with Digital marketing and business communication.
  • Giving the technical assistance to transform the businesses into next level

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the program, the student will be able to

  • Demonstrate a broad range of theoretical knowledge and apply them to the practical situation
  • Establish appropriate knowledge in venture finance and accounting to evaluate possible means of financing the business and handling of accounts by themselves.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills, creativity, innovativeness, critical thinking and practicing of appropriate marketing techniques to exploit best business opportunities.
  • Transform their businesses to next level in achieving better results

 Target Group

  • Micro and SME owners those who run their own business
  • Individuals those who are actively engaged in startup business development
  • Members of associations/societies related to entrepreneurship and innovation

Duration of the Program

The duration of the program is 4 consecutive Saturdays.

Medium - Sinhala


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