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OBT at Kithulgala

With the prime objective toward providing opportunity to facilitate study programs to develop pro-active approaches towards challenges and opportunities which are at the center of quality management and institutional capacity building in higher education, Out ward Bound Training programme kicked off in Kithulgala focusing on improving leadership, teamwork, contingency management, creativity, innovativeness, risk taking, endurance and other skills required in balancing working and day to day life. By taking preemptive actions, it covered a wide range of activities including water rafting, projection of contingency, the practices, processes, procedures, norms, safety protocols and operating systems and the activities, games & exercises and etc. This was one day programme activities happening at both in and outside the training centre. Such objectives as tolerance of ambiguity, innovativeness and risk taking through getting involved in activities were somewhat achieved while bringing amusement for all gathered to share the joyful moment together.

Mainly, Crafting the prospective entrepreneurs’ management and leadership skills and professional development, this OBT was designed to meet the growing needs of the entrepreneurs such as enhance planning and performance capabilities, create a competitive mind-set and develop team spirit to improve the decision making skills and leadership qualities of the them. However, each and every activity was not a one-off the shelf exercise, but customized and designed to meet the training needs of the entrepreneurial team by the DCFM.

One of the other most important objectives of the Outward Bound Training programme is to teach the students to take responsibility for the decision he/she makes and also to face the consequences positive or negative of such actions. Each of the activities & games feed into one another in a logical sequence and the experience & the learning outcome are married with social Harmony & Mutual understanding for practical application in personal, social & organizational context at the debriefing & processing sessions & by competent & specialized Trainers. This experiential learning methodology penetrated deep down to the inner core of the entrepreneurial team and created a pronounced effect in their attitudes, skills & competencies and the way these entrepreneurs worked.

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