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Organizational Behaviour (OB) is one of the most important discipline in higher education and it is vital for undergraduates to be exposed to experiential learning by some means to upgrade the quality in higher education. Having understood profoundly, the DCFM organized the field visit to Biyagama, BOI Zone, where entering to the premises students were welcome with a soft drink followed by   the two teams of students having opportunities, each team having one chance to visit one company, Prym manufacturing intimates and Wheel Works manufacturing wheels for trolley in super markets and hospital beds, at the same time. As a part of the experiential learning adopted by the DCFM, it had been scheduled to address the sub disciplines in OB such as Team work, Leadership, Learning Process, Communication and Training. Both of the visits were very inquisitive with the questions raised by the students in line with the above matters and the management in both Prym and Wheel works found it to be challenging and they were very happy to answer them. Having been able to accumulate so much knowledge on the discipline, students were offered with the lunch and after which thanking both of the factories for the support and the hospitality extended students departed from both the premises. This field visit was organized by the untiring effort made by both Dr. W.R.P.K. Fernendo and Dr. L.V.K. Jayathileke and the support extended by Mr. B.K.H.D Anuranga and Mr. H.A.H. Hettiarachi.



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