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Practical experience is regarded as one of the important expectation factors of employers when they recruit graduates for their organizations. Having understood the industry requirements the Department of Commerce and Financial Management introduced the Internship program as a course unit of its curriculum from 2008 and it has been carried out for four successive consecutive years. The objectives of the internship program are

  • —  To increase the employability of B.Com degree holders.
  • —  To develop skills among our undergraduates.
  • —  To develop positive attitude about the industrial sector among undergraduates & graduates.
  • —  To develop the relationship between the industrial sector and the university.

No. of undergraduates followed Internship

2008 2009 2010 2011
Total no of undergraduates 183 343 167 176
No of undergraduates followed an Internship 153 288 122 154
84% 84% 73 % 88%