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Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree in Entrepreneurship is one of the highly regarded and growing study streams at the department which was initiated in year of 2009 with the objective of fostering an Entrepreneurial Culture through promoting new venture creation and enhancing entrepreneurial intention. We, as the entrepreneurship team, believe the degree stream requires initiatives focusing students’ personality and career development. In order to revitalize student capabilities in entrepreneurship and to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking, the department launched the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) in 2012. The YEA is a student centered establishment and operates under the objective of empowering young minds to become entrepreneurs. The department intends to launch a center named as the Centre for Entrepreneurship Research and Development with the objectives of, establishing research clusters among university academics, providing entrepreneurship related internships for final year undergraduates, organizing the national conference for entrepreneurship and contributing to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree in Entrepreneurship has established with the objective of fostering an individual and corporate entrepreneurial culture through promoting new venture creation and revitalizing existing ventures in Sri Lanka. Broadening the scope further, the study programme offers required theoretical knowledge and hands-on know how on executing entrepreneurial venture creation process and to manage large entrepreneurial ventures as corporate leaders. Entrepreneurship study program combines management, marketing, finance and accounting with an emphasis on business ownership, either of a startup or an existing business and also as intrapreneur. Entrepreneurship programs teach students how to transition into leadership roles within a family business, as well as how to draft a business plan. Simulation courses provide opportunities for students to experience real business while engaging in common studies. This degree programme is designed in a way that can improve both hard and soft skills of undergraduates.