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aaaaaaaaaaaa Aims :
This course module is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge about microfinance and enabling the students to understand the operational aspects of Microfinance and about various delivery methodologies, issues and challenges of Microfinance in worldwide and in Sri Lankan context as well. In addition to this, the module provides the knowledge about the operational aspects of Microfinance, especially Financial Management of Microfinance, performance measurement, risk management and governance issues.
Learning Outcome : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
By the end of this course unit students should be able to:
  • define and to identify the prerequisite and scope  of Microfinance
  • understand evolution  microfinance industry in Sri Lanka
  • study different microfinance lending and saving products and its delivery methodologies.
  • perform impact assessment of microfinance
  • study financial aspects of microfinance and performance evolution
  • understand the importance of Microfinance on Women empowerment.

Course Content : Introduction to Microfinance; Evolution of Microfinance and Microfinance in Sri Lanka; Emerging issues in Microfinance; Microfinance delivery methodologies, Importance of the Microfinance contribution in the economic development of a country; Impact assessment and social assessment of microfinance institutions; Products and Services, The Institution. Designing Lending and Savings Products; Adjusting Financial Statements; Performance Indicators; Performance Management; Basics of Banking; Development Banking and Priority Sector Lending; Contribution of Microfinance in Women empowerment.

Method of Teaching & Learning:

Lectures, Tutorials, Case study discussions and Assignments

Scheme of Evaluation:

End semester examination, Assignments and Tests.

The weights given to each component of the evaluation method is announced at the commencement of the module.

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Jonathan M, Beatriz A.,(2005) The Economics of Microfinance.,MIT Press (MA).

Ledgerwood, J. (2000). Microfinance Handbook, Sustaitable Banking with the Poor. Washington, D.C.: The World Bank.

Macmillan. (2010). Micro-Finance: Perspectives and Operations. New Delhi: Macmillan Publishers India Ltd

Marguerite S. Robinson (2001). The Microfinance Revolution: Sustainable Finance for the Poor. World Bank Publications.

Elisabeth R., (2009) Microfinance for Bankers and Investors: Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges of the Market at the Bottom of the Pyramid. McGraw-Hill Publishers-






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