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The Department of Commerce and Financial Management (DCFM) is the founder of Commerce and Management education at the University of Kelaniya and offers courses since 1976. Its streamlined courses, teaching and research are aligned with the requirements of industry and community and conducts five degree programmemes including one master programmeme. DCFM has so far produced more than 4000 graduates and most of them are in the forefront of managerial ranks in both public and private sector establishments. The department is fully-fledged with both physical and human capital to provide a cutting edge learning experience to its stakeholders. As demonstrated in its history, DCFM is committed to provide different courses to meet the requirements of the economy as a leader in business education. Accordingly, DCFM proposes the “Diploma in Business” in order to cater the needs of some identified knowledge seekers who have been deprived from the university education.

Since national universities can absorb only a very small percentage from the Advanced Level qualified students, a majority of the school leavers are left behind without having an opportunity to study at a university. Further, the employment market seeks enterprising young individuals who possess a good background in business knowledge to recruit in their junior level positions.  Moreover, it is required to provide educational opportunities to the owners of micro enterprises and would-be entrepreneurs to grasp business knowledge in order to run and start their businesses successfully and to create an enterprising culture in the nation.

DCFM views that the existing educational system has not adequately addressed the requirements of these concerned parties. Thus, the department   intends   to fulfill this requirement by offering “Diploma in Business” providing with a leading edge learning environment to its students. The Diploma’s holistic approach is to foster sound business knowledge among its learners and to help the national economy.

Objectives of the degree programme are:

  1. To provide an advanced knowledge and recognized qualifications to the interested parties in the field of Commerce & Management.
  2. To strengthen the career prospects of school leavers who do not obtain admission into a university.
  3. To provide human capital for the employment market of the country.
  4. To assist and promote the new venture creation of the country.

Course Structure

Semester I
Course Code Course Title Course Status Credits
DIPB 01014 Management & Operations Compulsory 4
DIPB 01024 Economics for Business Compulsory 4
DIPB 01034 Communication for Business Compulsory 4
Semester II
Course Code Course Title Course Status Credits
DIPB 02014 Marketing & Strategy Compulsory 4
DIPB 02024 Basic Accounting for Business Compulsory 4
DIPB 02034 Managing People & Organization Compulsory 4
DIPB 02046 Entrepreneurship & Business Plan Compulsory 6


Duration of the Diploma Programme

The duration of the Diploma programme is one year. The diploma comprises of two semesters. The duration of each semester will be 15 weeks. At the end of each semester, 2 week study leave will be provided and at the end of course, examination will be conducted within two weeks after the study leave. The diploma operates on a ‘Course Unit System’.

For more information:

Hand Book 2015 - Diploma in Business

Contact Details

Address : Diploma in Business Programme,
Department of Commerce & Financial Management,
Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies,
University of Kelaniya,
Sri Lanka.

Tel : 0112 903 588 / 0766 526 456

Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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