Association of Business and Technology (ABT)

About us

ABT is the pioneering undergraduates’ association formed under the Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree in Business Technology programme of Department of Commerce and Financial Management, University of Kelaniya. From its inception 2011, ABT has hosted enormous successful events and programs hence initiated innovative events such as Young Business Technology and Entrepreneurial Researchers (YBTER) Congress, Best Innovative and Creative Web Designer Competition, etc. Further ABT instigated various workshops, guest lectures and stimulation activities with relating to their curriculum with the focus of inculcating outcome based and student centric learning environment. In fact ABT is always renowned as the student’s society which is constantly striving to come up with innovative plans and actions.


Unleashing the potentials of Business Technology and Innovations


Exploring the synergies of innovation and technology among the business technologists, discovering unmet opportunities hence critically ensuring the competitive advantage in business and economic prosperity.

About Degree Programme

Bachelor of Commerce Special Degree in Business Technology

Bachelor of Commerce Special Degree in Business Technology is a hybrid degree that covers modern business, technology and innovation neurons of business organizations. It will enhance the knowledge in every key aspect of modern business organizations. It will apparently explain the aspects of present traditional business organizations, but it uniquely addresses the emerging technological aspects of business. Hence the students will be able to receive superior knowledge and understanding about present and future business organizations which will be higher than the knowledge and understanding they can get from any other business degree program available in Sri Lanka.

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