Managerial Skills Development

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Course Code                          :           BHRM 22142

Course Title                           :           Managerial Skills Development

Status                                      :           Compulsory

Credit Rating                         :           2

Semester                                 :           Second

Aim                                         : To; develop soft skills, attitudes and emotions which the employers demand from the management graduates when they take up positions leading to become professional managers.

Learning Outcomes               : On completion of this course unit, students should be able to;

  • demonstrate the abilities of public speaking, presentation, listening, inter-personal, reading and writing, business and management etiquettes, and managing self impression
  • decide the right mode of actions in different contingencies with right emotions
  • respond to critical situations with right attitudes


Course Content                     :

Introduction to managerial skills; defining managerial skills, nature of managerial skills, types of managerial skills. Contingencies for varied actions; different contexts of business and management philosophies, nature of challenges for managerial positions. Skills development components; Public speaking skills, listening skills, reading and writing skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, business and management etiquettes, managing self and self presentation. Emotional Intelligence (EI); meaning of EI, mapping personal EI profile. Attitudes; meaning and nature of attitudes, healthy and unhealthy attitudes, ways of improving attitudes.


Method of Teaching

and learning                           : Lectures, Workshops and guest speeches, Role plays, Action learning, mentoring

Assessment                             : Assignments, Presentations, End-semester examination, Presentations, Skills evaluation tests


Recommended Readings:

A Jossey-Bass Reader .(2009). Management Skills, 4th Edition, Jossey-Bass Publishers

Covey,  R. S. (2004). Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Free Press, New York

DuBrin, A.J. (2008). Essentials of Management, 08th Edition, Cengage Learning Academic Resource Centre, Toebben Drive

Peggy, K. (2007). The Hard Truth about Soft Skills Workplace Lessons, Smart People Wish they’d learned Sooner, Harper Collins Publishers, New York

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