Human Resource Management Application Skills

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Course Code                             :        BHRM 41152

Course Title                              :        Human Resource Management Application Skills

Status                                         :        Compulsory

Credit Rating                            :        2

Semester                                    :       First


Aim                                            : To (i) expose students to conduct and present a paper on a selected HRM or HRD challenge of an selected organization and solutions proposed, (ii) give an opportunity for students to apply all what learnt through the course content and project management tools into a practical issue, (iii) foster critical judgments of students in the context of a real workplace.

Learning Outcomes              : On completion of this course unit, students should be able                           to;


  • explain the wider competitive contexts of HR strategies
  • analyze practical HRM or HRD issues using broader perspectives and knowledge
  • demonstrate critical thinking abilities and work related competencies
  • propose project proposals in resolving any kind of HR related issues


Course Content                     : HRM/HRD issue identification phase; describing the nature of the issue and determining its impacts on the outcomes. Analysis phase; analysing the issue and determining the root problems to the issue, steps and techniques of analysis. Solution phase; developing alternatives, evaluating alternatives, selecting alternatives. Proposing phase; writing the project proposal, presenting the project proposal, convincing the management of the reliability of the proposed project.

Method of Teaching

and Learning : Action learning, Lectures, Presentations, Along-the-job        learning


Assessment                                : Examination, Presentations, Issue paper (project report)


Recommended Readings         :

Armstrong, M. (2012). Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice, 12th Edition, KoganPage, London.


Dessler G. (2012). Human Resource Management, 13th Edition, Prentice Hall, New Delhi.

Gilley, A.M., Callahan, J.  Bierema, L. Callahan, J.F. (2002). Critical Issues in HRD: A New Agenda for the Twenty-first Century,, Seattle.


Issue Paper Project Manual (IPPM) developed by the department

Nkomo, S.M., Fottler, M.D.,  McAfee, R.B. (2004). Applications in Human Resource Management: Cases, Exercises and Skill Builders, 5th Edition, Thomson South-Western, Ohio.


Readings applicable for individual HR issue areas

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