The period of study (from the date of first registration up to the submission of the thesis to FGS) is a minimum of three (03) academic years and maximum of six (06) academic years

  • The DBA is an integrated coursework (Phase 1) and a research component (Phase 2).
  • Students are expected to complete the coursework during the first year (Phase 1) of the program and with the satisfactory completion of the coursework they can enter the research phase.
  • In addition to course work students are required to develop a case study relevant to their workplace or other.
  • Every student is required to submit his/her dissertation (40000 – 60000 words) for Viva Voce examination before Six Academic years since their first registration. However, according to the FGS guidelines the supervisor/board of study can decide on the length of the thesis based on the subject area.
  • As a compulsory requirement students should publish at least two research articles in indexed (SCI, SSCI. etc) journals or other refereed journals.