Awarding the DBA


The Doctor of Business Administration degree (DBA) will be awarded to the students who satisfy the following conditions:

General Pass

  1. Obtain total of 90 credits within the six academic year period. (30 credits from course modules and 60 credits from the dissertation)
  2. Obtain grades B+ or better from five compulsory courses and one elective course
  1. Has a minimum of cumulative GPA 3.30 from all course units (including dissertation)
  2. Should obtain a grade of B+ or better for the dissertation

Pass with Distinction

The Candidates will be awarded the DBA with distinction if he/she satisfies all the following conditions:

  1. Obtains grades of A or better in each course units,
  2. Has a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.00 from all course units,
  3. Obtains a grade of A or better for the Dissertation
  4. Completes all the relevant requirements within a period of three academic years

 Additional Requirements

In addition to the total of 90 credits, students should obtain 30 points from the following options / combination of option